FIFA 11 Musical Swag Giveaway

Now that you’ve read the latest Soundtracks & Bands feature with Ladytron, it’s time for that swag right?  Thanks for my friends at Electronic Arts and Artwerk (big shout to Jenny!), I have a copy of FIFA 11 to hand out to someone.

FIFA 11 Musical Swag Giveaway Details

It’s really a really easy test to make sure you’re paying attention.  All you have to do is leave a comment or send me a message on Xbox Live.  I’ll pick a winner this weekend and announce on Monday.  Those of you who want bonus points and double the entries can answer the following question.  What would be the name of a game based on Ladytron?

If you answer that via email, then I’ll put your name in the basket twice.


Winner – Carbon Filter – yet to confirm – confirmed

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26 Responses to “ FIFA 11 Musical Swag Giveaway ”

  1. FIFA FTW!

  2. FIFA FTL!

  3. Comment and NEED FOR SPEED has ladytron in the soundtrack for double entry action…but i’m not sure that’s what your looking for. I also read an interview that said they felt some of their music would be good for an RPG game..Cant wait to see how big this thread gets. I guess I may need to submit via email too. Off to the mail server.

  4. Why would I need this? I have soccer with Kinect Sports. lol

  5. I wouldn’t mind a free copy, ;).

    Already have 2010 so it’ll be another 2 or 3 years before I buy the next FIFA game.

  6. Soccer with Kinect Sports is fail…the only one that’s really not that good in that bundle.

  7. [...] It’s time for another Soundtracks & Bands feature ladies and gentlemen!  Not only do we have an excited group sharing some information about themselves but we also have a Swagtastic gift!  Introducing Ladytron and FIFA 11′s musical giveaway! [...]

  8. @Deac. Ya, its a little lame, but its fun to play with my son. He enjoys it which is all that really matters I guess.

  9. i already have this game so don’t enter me in the comp. but yet again more awesome sauce from Deac with the swag.. U360 ftw! :D

  10. Hey, this looks pretty fun! I’d love to win it. By the way, if Ladytron were based on a game? It would totally be called Synthesizer Menace. :D Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by DeaconBlade and Xbox Feed, Robert Grissom. Robert Grissom said: RT @deaconblade: want to win a copy of FIFA 11? of course you do! [...]

  12. LADYTRON YAAAY!!!!!! :-))

  13. Awesome! Swag is always welcome in the Winsta house :)


    Game based on Ladytron:

    Ladypool, The Battle for Tron

  15. Heck I’m in. Soccers great fun.

  16. I love soccer games and even more important free ones, but I am going to pass on participating in this giveaway. I have enough games right now to play and there are others that would appreciate this game a lot more than me right now. Good luck to all participating.

  17. This would be good. Especially since my kid scored his first goal ever on the last game of the season today.

    Go FIFA!!!

  18. I participated, made the email for double points and dont have a problem winning this one ;) but i’d rather have the opportunity to redistribute the ms points at the end of the month…

  19. I really wish Christiano Ronaldo didn’t leave manchester united… sadness :(

  20. add me in too.

    Ugh name for LadyTron would have to be ……. The Tron Chronicles: LadyTron

  21. i cant believe how few people have entered this contest after the huge turn out for the WWE one

  22. often the swag makes the turnout…obviously the UK boys are hidden or rather the FIFA fans

  23. also this had email option, did you get a lot there?

  24. not that many to be honest…

  25. congrats carbon filter, haven’t seen you around for a while…get you some!!!

  26. AS a fellow Electronic Studio musician, I’m very anxious to hear the new music of Ladytron on FIFA11. It’s nice to see that the music in video games is getting some recognition.
    Hey, uhmm, how can I send over some of my musical works over to you guys.
    I’m based in New York City and work out of Night Owl Studios ( with my partner Josie Carr (
    P.S. Hope I get the FIFA11!

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