NBA Elite 11 delayed, NBA Jam still coming

NBA Elite 11 has been delayed until further notice folks.  EA Sports decided to delay the release so you won’t be staring at Kevin Durant on the cover any time soon.  There are rumors that it may not even be released until this same time next year.  The good news though, at least for me, is that NBA Jam will now be sold separately.

It was previously tagged as a part of NBA Elite 11 but now that the game has been delayed, NBA Jam will be sold on its own.  Yay!  I really want to try out a “Slamma Jamma” on the Xbox 360.  I can’t say that I’m surprised neither on the PR front or the actual gameplay front.  Both aspects of NBA Elite 11 have been subpar.  It was a wise move to delay the game.  I personally saw nothing wrong with simply improving upon NBA Live 10 but I don’t make the decisions up there.

Changing the name, changing the controls and releasing a demo that did nothing to paint a good picture proved too much for fans.  I hope to see NBA Elite at some point though.

You can read up on the press release from EA Sports below.

“Why make this decision now?  As with all of our titles, we continue to evaluate and improve the code right up until launch.  Feedback from consumers is a very important part of the process .  NBA ELITE had the benefit of play-testing, a demo and a lot of our own research.  All that feedback revealed some concerns about gameplay polish, so we’ve listened to your feedback, and made a judgment that the game would benefit from more time in development.” said Peter Moore.

You can read more about Peter Moore’s announcement on the NBA Elite 11 delay here.  What say you?  Good move to delay?  Were you going to buy NBA Elite 11?

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  1. It’s was best for EA to delay NBA Elite. They couldn’t compete with 2K11. From what i’ve seem, NBA Elite look horrible!!!

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