Rise of Nightmares for Kinect, don’t be scurred

SEGA is planning on taking Kinect into the horror realm with Rise of Nightmares next year (2011).  Don’t be scurred.  There isn’t much in the press release beyond the release date a few bits.

Rise of Nightmares offers a spine-tingling horror experience which uses the innovative new controls of Kinect to give players new encounters filled with fearful anticipation and terror.  Using their whole body the player will
experience fear and tension as never before in this first person horror adventure.

Sound interesting?

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how this translates into a Kinect experience.  Right now I’ll say that I’m a little bit intrigued with the possibility of experiencing some sort of “in home” haunted house with Kinect.

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8 Responses to “ Rise of Nightmares for Kinect, don’t be scurred ”

  1. Wow, this could be and interesting game. Cant wait to see more info on this.

  2. Wow sounds very interesting

    Play only at night

  4. @BPD- exactly! I love to “BE” in the game. I think we will be in for a treat if devs fully grasp the freedom Kinect can give to players. Anything is possible.

  5. Very interesting.

  6. This type of game should be interesting! Similar to that House of the Dead shooting game.

  7. Interesting but my hopes for all Kinect shovelware are low.

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