New additions to 360 Laws!

There are a few new additions to the Xbox 360 Laws folks.  These were submitted by Sergio, the Community Manager with the Konsole Kingz.  Don’t forget that you can submit your own via email or comment to have them hopefully added to the growing list of 360 Laws.

71. 360 Law: Thou shall not send M2AF. Send messages to the folks intended.  Not everyone cares if you’re going to be gone for 3 days.

72. 360 Law: Uninvited party hopping isn’t cool.  Just because it’s open, doesn’t mean it’s open so stay out of parties you’re not invited to.

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  1. At least on the 360 it’s not like back on Halo 2 when you would get spammed with party and clan invites all the time because it was so much easier to send mass invites :)

    And I never really have a problem with 72 because I make the party invite only as soon as I make it.

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