Code of Conduct update, Gamertag restrictions lifted, express yourself

It appears that Xbox LIVE is changing with the times ladies and gentlemen.  Although it’s late to the party, Xbox LIVE’s Code of Conduct has been updated to allow for certain freedoms of expression.  If you’re gay, then tell the entire Xbox LIVE community so.  In a letter to all Xbox LIVE members,  Marc Whitten discusses the changes to the Code of Conduct that should make for some interesting discussion and not to mention more interesting profiles and Gamertags.

“I’d like to announce an update to the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct which will allow our members to more freely express their race, nationality, religion and sexual orientation in Gamertags and profiles.” – Marc Whitten, Xbox LIVE General Manager

You may use the following terms to express your relationship orientation in your profile or Gamertag:


I’m all for it but I can’t help but be concerned of how crazy things are now going to get with the range of idiots on Xbox LIVE taking advantage of this freedom by taking shots at lesbians, Muslims or otherwise.  What say you?

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12 Responses to “ Code of Conduct update, Gamertag restrictions lifted, express yourself ”

  1. Ok let me get this srt-8, On Xbox live it’s ok to put on your GT or pofile to express your race, nationality, religion and sexual orientation. But not the words Prick and Pimp? Also not doing anything about the consecutive cheating, racial, ethnic, or religious slur droping 6 to 40 year old A holes?!? Come on MS!!! *Throws a Neutron bomb at MS*

  2. I like hot lesbians

  3. LMAO @ Boston!

  4. I think it’s no bueno!

  5. well my question would be do gay people really want to referred to as GayMilton or LesbianLisa?

  6. What about things like “I hate gay people” You know that’s gonna happen. Bad move MS

  7. I can see people putting for their “Location: Camp Cul-de-Sac, haha. Not sure if you guys out of the UK know what a Cul-de-Sac is

  8. I think its going to open the floodgate for more insults on XBOX Live.
    MS should take the money they used to invest in stupid nonsense like an XBOX LIVE arcade block party and put it to good use trying to police some of these idiots online that make online gaming sux for everybody else.

  9. does ani one know how to downloak system update to a cd cuz my xbox live doesnt do it

  10. you have to download on

  11. So how long do you think I’m going to be able to keep “BUTTHOLEdefiler”?

  12. not long lol

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