Soundtracks & Bands – Airbourne

These guys are veterans of the music game world with several tracks scattered about in different games.  Let’s get some air shall we in our next Soundtracks & Bands feature article.

The Band – Airbourne

The Game (s) – Madden NFL 10 and many more

The Song (s) – Heads are Gonna Roll, Turn Up The Trouble, Runnin’ Wild and many more

The Interview

First off, let’s get those who aren’t familiar with Airbourne up to speed about the band. Pick three words to describe the band that will get the crowd pumped up for your music.

Rock and Roll

Airbourne is clearly a veteran of music in video games having multiple songs across different games. How did the fusion of your music and video games happen for the band? Was it an easy process?

The head of EA’s music department is a big fan of the band and really wanted us to be in some games to help us reach more fans.

Have you noticed any difference in fans between those who are avid gamers that have found your music via games and those who are simply music followers?

No, not really but we do hear a lot of people say that they discovered us through the games. Those fans seem to get into it just as much as anyone though.

Do you feel like it was a necessary evolution to have your music in games?

Yes it is such a great way to reach a broader range of fans and music in games makes the gaming experience that much better.

If you polled the band, what would be the most played game genre?

We love first person shooter games.

The new album is out No Guts. No Glory.  That could be a gamer’s creed this year.   Is that pretty much the inspiration behind the type of music you guys make?  You go balls out and just kick back to create good rock and roll music?

We like to party and drink but sometimes you gotta take a break, so games are good to just sit around and relax. Especially when you’re hung over.

What’s your favorite track from the current album and which would you like to see in a future game?

My favorite track is “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” and I would love to see it on a game- it’s fast and hits you head on- it would be great for a racing game.

What’s it like for the band when the music ends and you’ve just finished a kick ass show?

Its awesome- everyone comes off stage pumped. We usually like to have a few beers and hang out afterwards.

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