Aliens Vs Predator MP Demo

Hell yeah bring this shit on!  Okay I know that was a little rough and exciting but I’ve been waiting on this game since the screenshots first hit back in May 2009.  I’ve seen every Aliens movie and every Predator movie and every Aliens Vs Predator movie so yeah I’m pumped up!  I really hope that SEGA and Rebellion deliver a great experience.  I think I’ll start off as the Predator.  What say you?  Will you choose Alien, Predator or Marine?

And ofcourse you can queue the demo up right here to have it ready for you when you fire up your console.  Sorry Silver members, this one is Gold exclusive as well.  You’ll have to wait your turn.

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  1. I’m pretty iffy on this game. It could be bad, or really good. Here’s my chance to find out though. lol.

  2. The Publisher released a crappy demo mode (Deathmatch) with a very small map. people want to know/play more & see how the game feels in SP. I have a good feeling that SP will be the cat’s meow, while MP may have some issues to be ironed out.

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