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Developer: Eurocom Development Ltd.
Publisher: SEGA
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Are you ready for the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver this year?  I have some exciting news for you.  You don’t have to be an athlete competing in the events.  The reason for that is because SEGA and Eurocom have given gamers the next best thing to watching the games on television or being at the ceremonies.  You want the Winter Games?  I have them right here!

Vancouver 2010 is the closest you’ll get to the Winter Games without actually competing.

Gameplay, Graphics and Sound

I must admit that I haven’t played a video game that managed to capture the essence of competition in the Olympics quite like Vancouver 2010.  When this game was first announced, I was eagerly anticipating it.  It looked great and I was so ready to play a game that seemed like it wouldn’t disappoint.  Well, it didn’t.  I expected to be an A button pressing maniac but they managed to make it without having to destory any A buttons in the process.

The game gives you the chance to compete in Alpine Skiing events, Ski Jumping, Freestyle Skiing, Snowboard, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Luge and Short Track Speed Skating.  There are men’s and ladies events scattered throughout the events.  For example, during the Alpine Skiing competition there is the Men’s Downhill, Men’s Super-G and the Ladies’ Giant Slalom and Ladies’ Slalom.  So you get to experience both sides.  I figured I’d break that down for those of you unfamiliar with the Winter Games.  The only thing missing was some sort of story mode or something that gave you a little bit of interaction with the player you choose to compete with.

Replay 3WM by SEGA of America.

Before each event you’ll have the option to go on a Tutorial in order to get used to the event.  You can do this until you feel like you’re good to go.  One of my favorite events to compete in was the Men’s Downhill.  I wish I could explain how cool it was skiing downhill at excessive speeds hoping that I didn’t crash into the hard snow.  You have to time your launch from the platform just right with the A button and then build up power by tapping A repeatedly.  That’s the extent of the A button nightmares.  In order to steer and navigate, you use both analog sticks.  Holding the L trigger lets you carve and take sharp corners while the R trigger increases speed as you crouch down.

The controls in each event are really that simple.  The only one I had issues with was the Ladies’ Aerials.  For some reason I just couldn’t execute any of the backflips or twists.  But I guess that’s my own inexperience.  I’ll master it eventually.

There are also challenges you can play through in the Challenge Mode.  This lets you choose a mountain and compete in various challenges from the events in the game.  There is an Easy, Intermediate and Advanced mountain to choose from.  Naturally you have to unlock and conquer as you go.  You’ll want to do this because of the Achievements I’m sure but it does provide a lot of fun with the specific things you have to do especially the time-based challenges.

Visually the game was truly impressive.  Each of the athletes looked great and the events themselves were authentic recreations of the actual Olympic games themselves.  Try the Luge event with yourself slightly tilted back as you play.  It’s awesome!  I can’t say enough about how detailed the events were and how it managed to get the adrenaline racing in me while playing.

Xbox LIVE Extras

Who’s the best in the world?  You’ll get to find out because you can compete online against other playes across the world with Vancouver 2010.  How cool will it be to start your own Olympic competition with friends?  There are simple Player Matches and Ranked Matches to compete in so choose wisely if you’re a leaderboard type of person.


Vancouver 2010 is the best Olympic game I’ve ever played!  If you want to get an early taste of the Winter Games coming up this month, then go out and buy this game.  It’ll give you the closest feel of what these events are like.  I felt like I was really skiing down dangerous, icy mountains.  Visually it’s impressive and it managed to capture the speed and adrenaline of the competition.  I wish there were more events but then I’m not on the Olympic committee so I can’t change the number of games included.  One can dream though.

When Hugh Binns, Director of Eurocom Development Ltd., said that Vancouver 2010 would set a new standard for the Olympic-themed video games genre he wasn’t kidding.

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