New character, moves for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Capcom is really trying to get fans to fork over another $49.99 for the upcoming Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.  They’ve already announced quite a bit of content including a playable Jill Valentine and now they’re revealing yet another playable character.

Here comes the merciless CEO of Tricell, Excella Gionne.  She’ll be a new playable character in the new mode, MERCENARIES REUNION.   Don’t let Excella’s looks deceive you.  Extreme mercilessness contrasts with her beauty. With a strong fighting instinct backed up by superior martial art skills, Ms. Gionne can hold her own against any Majini attack!

If that weren’t enough for you, in the second episode DESPERATE ESCAPE, our heroes, Jill Valentine and Josh Stone have some new moves up their sleeves.  Josh can tackle Majini to the ground or elbow drop injured Majini while Jill can jump on a Majini’s back and twist its neck.

Those of you who already have Resident Evil 5 can pick up all the new content as it releases as DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace soon.  Lost in Nightmares along with a new Costume Pack #1 will be available on February 17th and Desperate Escape with Costume Pack #2 on March 3rd.

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11 Responses to “ New character, moves for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition ”

  1. I only found out about this version a short while ago. I am definitely going to buy this. I held off getting Resident Evil 5 at launch here, after they decided to strip our LE version of all the cool US content. However, now this is coming out, it gives me a perfect reason to buy it :)

  2. Wow, I would of never thought, you could play as Excella. Can’t wait to buy all this stuff lol.

  3. did they have a brainstorm and allow them to move while shooting? If not failage ;)

  4. Glad I kept my RE5 after I finished it. This may be worth checking out!

  5. I’ll be spending my cash on new games, thank you =P

  6. Crapcom, the KING of crapfest rehashes. lol

  7. What is with the game companies and re-releasing the same game with extra features? Lucasarts did the same thing with The Force Unleashed adding a level/expansion only available if you bought the Ultimate Sith edition of the game. Which means you either fork over more money for the same game, or do without. Come on support the people who supported you and went out and bought the first release of your product, make the new content available for purchase on line. Otherwise, we might all just start waiting to see if there is going to be a second or third release of the product before we buy your game, and what’s that going to do for your bottom line?

  8. You can buy the extra stuff as DLC packs, and they will be released before the date of the retail version.

  9. Here are the details. You can read from the press release or wiki, but I will highlight them for everyone here.

    RE5 Gold will contain the following:
    - RE5 full game
    - Token to download the 2 new DLCs titled below PLUS the Versus DLC(RE5′s first DLC released last year)
    – “Lost in Nightmares”
    – “Desperate Escape”
    - There will also be two costume packs that will be included on the disc and 8 new playable characters confirmed for Mercenaries mode (thus retitling the mode “Mercenaries Reunion”)

    - The PS3 version will have all of this on BR disc, no token to download

    Alternatively, for those who do not purchase the Gold Edition, both episodes as well as both costume packs will be available as DLC, with 2 of the 8 new characters bundled with each downloadable item.

    The US release date for the disc is March 9, 2010, while the European release date is scheduled for March 12, 2010. The DLC content release dates are as follows: “Lost in Nightmares” and the first costume pack will be available for download on February 17 for Xbox 360 and February 18 for PS3, while “Desperate Escape”, the second episode, and costume pack will be released on March 3 (Xbox 360) and 4th (PS3).

  10. Yes Nanakai, but shouldn’t the DLC stuff be very cheap for those who supported the game first?


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