Holiday Gamer’s Guide 2009

This year’s Holiday Gamer’s Guide is going to be a little different in the fact that it’ll be more extensive.  I’m adding all kinds of things in the guide to help you have a Christmas that’s filled with even more awesome sauce.  So you can expect a range of games and accessories that cover multiple consoles and areas.  There’s even a hint inside that will turn your snack habits during gaming into something healthier.

Have you been naughty or nice?  In some cases being naughty might be okay so let’s just move on to some good, interesting and weird ideas when searching for gifts this holiday season.


What kind of guy would I be if I didn’t give you the inside look at this year’s games that I’ve either played or heard good things about.  You want to do your shopping the right way don’t you?  Let the Holiday Gamer’s Guide 2009 be that which guides you.

Some of the games listed are rated M so be sure you know what that is before you head out to grab it.  The ESRB rating M is for Mature and contains content for those 17 years of age or older. (and sometimes I’d suggest even older)

Here’s an outline of what’s inside to help you along.  As you can see I’ve added sections for the Nintendo DSi and miscellaneous.  Keep your bookmarks here as I’ll probably be updating this guide over the next few weeks.

Page 2 – Family & Music
Page 3 – Xbox LIVE Arcade
Page 4 – Nintendo DSi, Misc
Page 5 – Action, RPG & Shooters
Page 6 – Accessories

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  1. lol, in that article there’s a link for like “10 cool games that are uncool for you kids” or something and they gave alternatives for each of the games …gay. lol

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