The 40th Day Multiplayer Breakdown

There I was coming back from an awesome trip to EA Montreal when my flight gets delayed and I end up having to spend the night in the Philadelphia airport.  Had it not been for the fun I had with the multiplayer in Army of Two: The 40th Day and my Alienware M17x laptop, I might have actually shot just about everyone in the airport.

I didn’t do a No Russian on everyone because I was busy watching movies and thinking of ways to tell you guys about the hand’s on time I had with the multiplayer aspect of the game.  EA Montreal hosted an Army of Two: The 40th Day Community Day event that I was fortunate enough to attend last week.  I along with a few other gaming outlets got some hand’s on time with a new section of the single player but I can’t speak about it so just let your imaginations run wild.


As far as the multiplayer element of the game goes, I can talk about it.  We played through each of the online modes that will be available for the game.  There’s the Co-op Deathmatch mode, Warzone, Control and Extraction.  Co-op Deathmatch was your team against the other teams of two.  Pretty simple and fun.  Warzone returns with the same hectic nature it had in the first one.  You compete with other teams to score the most points in a series of various objectives.  You could blow up something or defend something etc.  Whatever you have to do, you’ll have to do it better than the other team.

Control was a little more chaotic and fun as are most of the “king of the hill” types of modes.  You and your team have to control several different sectors of a map for a specific time and score the most points.  Each time you control the sector, you get a point.  There’s only one control sector at a time so the fight for it is pretty intense.

One of the coolest modes was Extraction in which you team up with 3 other players and kick some ass in 4-player co-op.  It’s the survival mode that seems to be the hot thing to include these days.  You and your team will be up against waves of enemies trying to survive and make it to the extraction point.  I know there was some controversy about whether or not this mode would be available beyond those who pre-order the game and according to EA, it’ll be available to everyone a month after the game releases for free.

There are lobbies and matchmaking in the game so you can rest easy.  It comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a multiplayer match including weapon kits to choose at each respawn.  One of the best parts about it is that you get to use your custom mask in multiplayer!  Who doesn’t want to frag someone with a smiley face mask on?

I have to mention one other thing.  The PSP version of this game was a blast to play.  I definitely had a “wow this shit is great” moment when I first got a chance to play it on PSP.  It’s like a Contra mixed with Killzone and it’s fire on PSP.  They did a very nice job on bringing the game to PSP.  And yes you can partner up with another PSP owner to get some co-op fun in.

January 13 is right around the corner so if you were a fan of Salem and Rios in the original game, you should make plans to take the boys for another spin in The 40th Day.  They look better, they kick more ass and well…it’s the bromance you can have and still be cool afterwards.

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  1. Uhh, Yah dude, I got no sympathy for your flight delay after spending time in MONTREAL LOL

    I’m interested in this game as well as the PSP version

  2. The multiplayer sounds interesting….Great coverage Deac. :)

    “Had it not been for the fun I had with the multiplayer in Army of Two: The 40th Day and my Alienware M17x laptop, I might have actually shot just about everyone in the airport.” LMFAO possibly the best quote ever.

  3. Army of Two has been one of my top 3 since it first came out. against alot of reviews the game was amazing, i played thru the whole game in a continious playing session. i cant imagine a better co-op experience. yet this game, a sequel to near perfection has improved on this awesome multiplayer. thanks for this! look forward to dominating some peoples online ^^

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