Madden NFL Arcade, Xbox Live Arcade

If you haven’t had your fix of Madden NFL, then prepare to have it in an all-new way as Madden NFL Arcade makes its way to XBLA today tomorrow.  The price is 1200 Microsoft Points and the reward is playing some football like we used to in the old days.  Screw the playbook, forget the intricate ways of the NFL…this is all about fun baby.

Choose one of your favorite 32 NFL teams and distinctive home stadium for a battle with the best five players on each side of the ball, and let the excitement begin!  Each team is given four downs to march 60 yards to pay dirt – no penalties or field goals allowed.  The first team to 30 wins.

Madden NFL Arcade

Want to mix it up? Madden NFL Arcade can be tailored to fit your liking by changing options, such as skill level, points to win, and more; making each game unlike the one before.  Take advantage of 13 unique “Game Changers” to break the game wide open on a single play.

Madden NFL Arcade is the perfect video game for gameday, allowing up to four players to play co-op on a single console.  You can also take on the world online in head-to-head matches and track your performance via interactive leaderboards.

I think I might just dish out the points for this

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8 Responses to “ Madden NFL Arcade, Xbox Live Arcade ”

  1. This may be a good pickup and play type game. I’ll definitely be grabbing the demo tomorrow.

  2. nice, i might pick this up.. sounds like an excellent deal. im tired of dishing out $60 every year only for it to be worth $5 in a couple months.

  3. lol, just added the points to my account :D ..btw Deacon, im pretty sure its not released until tomorrow.

  4. oh, and they better have the new Dallas stadium.. that would be badass. i just hope the camera doesn’t pan up to the overhead display everytime someone punts, like whenever they televise our home games lmao =/

  5. hell yeah..the new Cowboys Stadium better be in it! and the demo date says did EA.

  6. fa sho lol, and ahh i see, well in any case i bought the cowboys theme from Madden 10 today, so that’ll have to do until tomorrow :)

  7. well i played it. it’s not what i expected.

  8. Agreed with ‘ol number 7. Not what I expected. Sadface.

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