Army of Two: The 40th Day Custom Mask Creator

One of the coolest and probably most memorable things about the original Army of Two had to be the hockey masks that Salem and Rios had on.  The masks made them unique and simply made them look like some bad ass guys you just didn’t want to mess with.  The original Army of Two had a little customization that allowed you to choose different designs of the mask you wore but not like what The 40th Day is going to provide.  EA took a page from its skate franchise and are introducing a custom mask creator tool for Army of Two: The 40th Day!  It even lets you customize a piece of your armor.


If you’ve ever wanted to take the “bromance” a little bit further by wearing masks that are dipped in pink, then you’ll have that chance.  The tool gives you plenty of designs to choose from and a color wheel to make it your own.  You can distort all the images pretty easily and position them how you see fit.  There’s even a preview option so that you can see the monstrosity you’ve created or rather the cool mask eh?

I’m definitely going to make some sort of death mask that trumps them all.  They can be worn in-game to give you an even more personal feel to the game.  So you can essentially put yourself in the game by having Salem and Rios sporting your very own creation.  I’ve been playing with the tool for a few days now and I’ve submitted my own designs already so that I’m good to go when the game releases.

Yes I got the headstart on you but soon you’ll be able to make your own masks.  I’m testing it out for you to make sure it works…don’t blame me for my awesomeness. (wink)

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10 Responses to “ Army of Two: The 40th Day Custom Mask Creator ”

  1. Nice, I dont plan on playing it but I forsee a lot of Guy Fawkes masks.

  2. So there are premade graphics to choose from? Too bad it’s not completely customizable, like with forza III.

    Loved the first game, hope the sequel brings it.

  3. yeah just premade.

  4. They are not hockey mask they are ballistic mask…

  5. i think if you poll anyone who has ever played this game they’ll call them hockey masks ..

  6. No, I’d still call them Ballistic Masks.
    A hockey mask wouldn’t stop a bullet. A hockey mask is weak. A hockey mask is lame.

    A ballistic mask isn’t. It’s for bamf’s and bamf-ett’s.

  7. word

  8. gun games rocks

  9. this is bs man…. i got this geme just cause of that reson but aperently the mask creating feture doesnot exist enymore!!!!!!!!! boo-hooo guys !!!!!! sumone needs to take a pay cut!!!!!!!!!

  10. it’s an old game now.

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