250GB Xbox 360 Confirmed, Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition!

How does that old saying go?  Where there’s smoke there’s fire?  Or is it the one that if it’s a rumor surrounding Microsoft and plans for its Xbox 360, then those rumors are likely true?  It has been speculated for a while that Microsoft would introduce a 250 GB Xbox 360 but I don’t think anyone could have suspected that they’d introduce it in this fashion.

Say hello to the Limited Edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive included for good measure.  It also comes with two wireless controllers and the standard edition of Modern Warfare 2.  It will retail for $399.99 US and will be in stores on November 10 when the game releases.  However, you can preorder this puppy right now in the US.

Limited Edition 250GB Xbox 360

What say you?  It doesn’t look all that great but the 250GB hard drive and those two wireless controllers plus the game make it a pretty decent value.  And before you ask, the 250GB hard drive is not being sold separately.  (at least not now)

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