250GB Xbox 360 Confirmed, Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition!

How does that old saying go?  Where there’s smoke there’s fire?  Or is it the one that if it’s a rumor surrounding Microsoft and plans for its Xbox 360, then those rumors are likely true?  It has been speculated for a while that Microsoft would introduce a 250 GB Xbox 360 but I don’t think anyone could have suspected that they’d introduce it in this fashion.

Say hello to the Limited Edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive included for good measure.  It also comes with two wireless controllers and the standard edition of Modern Warfare 2.  It will retail for $399.99 US and will be in stores on November 10 when the game releases.  However, you can preorder this puppy right now in the US.

Limited Edition 250GB Xbox 360

What say you?  It doesn’t look all that great but the 250GB hard drive and those two wireless controllers plus the game make it a pretty decent value.  And before you ask, the 250GB hard drive is not being sold separately.  (at least not now)

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21 Responses to “ 250GB Xbox 360 Confirmed, Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition! ”

  1. Wow…250 gig…dang, well…..sucks for those who wanted the special edition MW2s :P

    Though I wonder why it says “F-141″ on it…

  2. Nice, but I could do without the paintjob, or the game.
    2 controllers tho, harkens back to the days of the NES.

  3. Deac, you going to make a MW2 Console Medal? LOL

  4. They could’ve been more creative with the design on the 360 but its not a bad deal though.

  5. Looking to sell Red Elite w/ 2 red controllers for 200. Any takers?

  6. Looks nice just maybe

  7. Wow!!! That is one great looking 360. “Honey?”

  8. @Boston lol nah..maybe just a general special edition console medal. i’m good though with my Red Elite. but it’s a pretty good deal on this one. and i think the two controllers are designed differently too at least the video makes it appear that way…i think the analog sticks are white and the controller is black.

  9. Yeah im good with my Red Console also, I like the 250 HDD though.

  10. Red Consoles are the best! LOL

    This is a good deal though.

    I’m fine with my space requirements.

  11. Hey, I’m happy with my Red Elite too. :) I’m just really digging the black on black look of that console. Well, the 250GB doesn’t hurt either.

  12. [...] Read [...]

  13. WOW! i want this! how much should i sell a hdmi xbox with a 120GB HD for With some controllers?

  14. I think that the game+controller is worth $110- that means (compared to elite price) you get 130gig of memory for free! Wow, I hope this signals a change in their pricing for hard drives. If I was not so poor this would be a must buy for me but I am stuck with my launch console and its 20 gig hard drive. One question I have. Does this console come with HD hookups? Composite? HDMI?

    @No Hands 55: you should sell it for $50 dollars. I will gladly buy it from you for that too. Just message me-

  15. To much for me but it looks great.

  16. oooo-weee datz real purdy!

  17. I still have my HDMI-less console that’s been to Texas a lot, I might get this or I might wait to see what happens with the natal bundle. I have a lot of crap on my 360 so that 250 gig HDD is looking mighty smecky! I have now till 11/10 to win the lotto lol.

  18. I’m a huge MW fan, but I’m still kinda iffy on this one.

  19. now that I think about it, I doubt I would need the storage capacity of that drive,

  20. well i have the elite and what there asking for and has no hdmi for hdtv is ok for the 250 hard drive extra controller and game but i like a good picture(HDMI) to look at.. all that money for a plane old system wow had me going there for a sec..rule of thum…if your system is full of games it runs slower and lags and the little processor(CPU) it has will over heat leading to the ring of death i had to throw that out there being that i work on hard drives for a living

  21. Man… this would be nice to have… if I had the money I would get it for sure!

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