PS3 Slim, Should Microsoft Drop Price on 360?

Sony announced today that they’re introducing a new version of it’s PlayStation 3 console, the PS3 Slim.  It’ll be priced at $299 and will include all the stuffing like a Blu-ray drive, 120GB hard drive, Wi-Fi etc.  It won’t have backward compatibility with the PS2 but then who plays those games anyway.  I must say that it’s an attractive offer and with the new matte finish, it looks much better.  I like it and if there were a good trade-in program for my bulky 80GB PS3, I’d take advantage of it.

PS3 Slim

With this addition to the Sony lineup, should Microsoft reduce the price of its Xbox 360 Elite?  Is that something you would expect or welcome?  Do they even have to respond to this?

What say you?  I don’t think they have to do anything because they still have the best software line-up of all the consoles and the Xbox LIVE experience is unmatched.

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60 Responses to “ PS3 Slim, Should Microsoft Drop Price on 360? ”

  1. The arcade is $180 on Amazon so maybe that’s a sign but yes they do if they don’t want to like totally win and tings. Everyone I know was always interested in a PS3 but the price was what held them back and they just got a 360 instead. Now everybody is all giddy and want to get a PS3, some are selling even their 360′s to shave off some bucks.

    Below is what I think the price should be and since they took out the HD cables and it can only be cheaper to make by now, I don’t think this is to far out there. I can honestly say that the PS3 is a better value now though.

    Arcade: $180
    Elite: $280 (Maybe a voucher for a free Wifi adapter or would that show weakness? XD)

  2. MikeWarrior, Nanakai and I had a lengthy discussion about this earlier….my conclusion is that MS taking the HDMI cables out of the Elite is a precursor to them dropping it to $299 and eliminating the Pro sku altogether. I also expect some sort of software/accessory/XBL pack-in to off-set the PS3 having Blu-Ray.

    Granted, I think the new “market” for either console is up-selling their product to people who already own the other system. The market for people buying their first 360 or PS3 is pretty small at this point.

  3. That would be smarter I guess to stay $299 because if it goes to low then people would start to throw around the word cheap. That wouldn’t be good, especially when considering the console1′s past. O_o

  4. I want it known, it was I and MikeWarrior who began this discussion earlier today LOL

    I agree with both commentators above. The market for this generation is much smaller than it was, say 2 years ago. The economy is still bad and I believe this Christmas will be a tough sell for videogame developers and possibly console sales as well.

    I will be really shocked if Nintendo sells the Wii like hotcakes in the past. No PS2 BC in the PS3 will STILL turn off MANY people. I do believe an exclusive such as God of War 3 could help tip the favor to Sony but it’s a longshot. Bundling GoW3 with a cool looking PS3 skinned out to the GoW3 could bode well.

    Also, there is much discussion that Sony really cheaped out on this slim model. 2 USB ports, no ability to install Linux. It will be interesting to see what “quality” reports on the PS3.

  5. Deac, you don’t even use your PS3 sell it cheap! LOL

  6. I don’t think that Microsoft has to respond at all. They still have the best console IMO. However a price drop and wi-fi would not be such a bad idea come this Holiday season. Just sayin’. Btw I tried to register for the forums but was rejected. Is there some kind of requirement that I missed while lurking the boards?

  7. They should drop the price of the dang hard drive and memory cards… Esp if the elite is going to be 299… Besides that, they’ll end up coming out with more bundles… I think the price is just right (if it didnt fail 52% of the time)….

  8. @Horace, i’ll validate your forum account. :)

  9. That new PS3 Slim looks great and should help them sell some more consoles, but not enough IMO to make a difference in being third in a three man sales race.

    Elite should be $299 w/ built-in WiFi (120 GB HDD)

    Does Arcade drop to $149? But, what will MS do when Natal is ready? Does this create a $400+ bundle again? Regardless, they have their work cut out for them in trying to acquire all types of consumers (core through casual).

  10. It’s pretty much a waiting game before Microsoft drops the price of the elite. Microsoft always had the price advantage over the PS3 until now, which could start to show in the sales numbers this Fall. I think Microsoft will drop the price around before the holiday season to $299 also packaging in the usual two games they do every holiday. What I’m more excited about is what is going to be replacing the elites $399 spot. Rumors are circulating about a 250GB PS3 Slim, presumably at the $399 spot. I really wish Microsoft would do a better job offering consumers bigger Hard Drive options for cheap. Sony allows you to use any 2.5″ laptop hard drive, while were stuck paying $160 for 120GB. Now that the prices between the two consoles have evened out, Microsoft needs to do a better job of matching some of the PS3′s specs. For $299, the PS3 Slim is one hell of a deal.

  11. Xbox 360 Arcade: $149
    -60GB Hard Drive
    -Wired Controller
    -Composite Cables

    Xbox 360 Pro: $199
    -120GB Hard Drive
    -Built in WiFi
    -Wireless Controller
    -Component Cables

    Xbox 360 Elite: $299
    -250GB Hard Drive
    -Built in WiFi
    -Wireless Controller
    -Component and HDMI Cables

  12. @Lightsout, i think they’re dropping the Pro altogether if the rumors are true. the 250GB hard drive is great but lol…they won’t even come close to that…wishful dreaming :) especially at $299.

  13. -edit-
    “Comparison” = size differences between PS3 and PS3 “Slim”

  14. This PS3 slim may increase Sony’s sales but not by much. Its basically the same PS3 but in a smaller package. And Sony could’ve put backwards compatibility in there (I still play my PS2 games). The PS2 is still moving units so why not? Unless Sony has an ace up their sleeve with better games in the future, I don’t see the PS3 Slim outselling the 360 anytime soon.

    I think the 360 will sell regardless of price due to the fact that it has a better library of games.

  15. This is a great discussion, Deac, thanks for posting this!

  16. anything to get the mind juice flowing :)

  17. @DeaconBlade, thanks. I registered under the name ManicRaider.

  18. If Microsoft does nothing to counter the $299.99 Blu-Ray having Ps3 SLIM, except for a $299.99 DVD playing 360 Elite… Sony will cut Microsoft’s lead in half by the time Natal comes out next year. IF Natal is a success, it could help Microsoft in a battle against Sony for the next 4 years after, but that depends on Microsoft’s price also.

    The $299.99 SLIM is already making Ps3 owners want another Ps3. = That influences sales numbers. Hell, I want two more so I can have Blu-Ray in my living room & Bedroom with the option to play it’s games also. One other thing, don’t forget that the Ps3 is getting many good looking games starting this Winter, so that + the $299.99 price is all Win for Sony.

    Btw, Console sales will do much better during the Fall/Winter then it has all year so far, & once the PLAYSTATION 3 gains any momentum this year, Microsoft better look out = They have loads of supporters, & the very known unreliable360 may push many to get the Ps3.

    Microsoft needs the PRO at $199.99, ELITE at $299.99 with one year of LIVE for FREE & TWO pack-in games… Oh, & severely drop Hard Drive prices.

  19. Microsoft is having second thoughts because their strategy was stupid –

    They better bring the pain to Sony, & listen to what I say… Please people, read the comments below in that link.

  20. @Horace, all done :)

  21. The failure rate with the 360 (around 54%) is really hurting the 360′s loyalty. A considerable amount of 360 owners, will surely move over to the Ps3 SLIM at $299.99

  22. hard to believe they’d just do a Fable 3 presser…weird. oh well. i’m not on the PR team ;) anyway, i’ve already committed to trading in my bulky PS3 for a PS3 Slim…assuming the price to do so is reasonable. i’ll likely never play it lol but still…hard to not have the PS3 Slim really if you own the bulky 80GB like i do.

    i’m sure quite a few PS3 owners feel the same way. and i love the new finish to the Slim. the matte is great…the glossy one i have no fails lol….so even for that reason, I’m planning to trade up.

  23. I will be the first to say it here Deac… Once Microsoft packages Natal with their 360 system the price will not go up = Yes, Natal will be included FREE.

    It will be Microsoft’s way of doing a price drop Next Year… Will I be wrong?

  24. @Mikewarrior- That sounds great, but can they afford to wait that long? The PS3 is just a better value now. Free online gaming, Blueray, and wireless connectivity- the 360 can’t compete. This is just enough to push people like me over the edge.

  25. i wouldn’t be so quick to list “free online gaming” as a benefit of the PS3 JPSmooth lol

  26. Just in – amazon pre-orders for ps3 are pretty much sold out.

  27. If it was backwards compatible I would pick it up. :(

  28. @Deac I know it’s very unrealistic, but those would be my models if you wanted to 1 up the PS3 Slim.

  29. hey it works for me Lightsout…that 250GB would be killer.

  30. Great convo! :) I have been waiting to get to this point for a while. To be honest IMO I(like many others) believe it to have been the price that has kept the non PS3 folks away from the it. Gamers want an OBVIOUS VALUE. I am not saying that it had no value before but when you take into account most people with the purchasing power are not really into the major “Techno” side of things then it is clear to see why the competitor options look appealing monetarily. I feel that many Geex n Gamers already have their Wii & 360 if they were looking to buy, so getting the last of the consoles for this kind of bargain is really a no brainer. Many have been curiously interested in it (even if for Blue-ray only -LOL) but the funds were not justifyable. Now that has changed so folks no longer have that argument.

  31. why do i wish this thing was $199. i mean even at $300 it’s still a lot of money in these hard times. no doubt though that many will eat it up.

  32. Deac, we all want it to be $199 LOL. It’s going to sell, no doubt, but I wonder how badly it will sell given the current economic situation. Will the Wii owners who got suckered into the Wii “magic” trade in their Wiis for the new PS3? Anything can happen. Microsoft has to be a little nervous.

  33. I’m sure it will sell Boston until people realize there are no real games for it other than Uncharted and God of War 3. Then its just a cheap Blu Ray player which isn’t bad. I could use that in my bedroom. :)

  34. LOL @Gameskills

    My view is, many gamers are fanboys and somewhat ignorant. I bet many will think this PS3 has backwards compatiblity. If MikeWarrior is correct, in that BOTH consoles have CRAP games, THEN it begs to differ, why not WANT BC because of the fact that the PS2 had some very good games and a lot of them. So why wouldn’t you want BC to play them?

  35. Boston you are crap… I never said both systems have crap games. I have said that the 360 hasn’t had any good exclusives come out this year, yet the Ps3 has. I also said the 360 doesn’t have much coming for the rest of this year compared to the Ps3… Nothing I want, that’s for sure. = The Ps3 has at least 3 games I want this year.

  36. TOO Little TOO Late … Sony fails, the US numbers don’t lie.

  37. SuM, YOU WISH! It’s not even close to too late… Don’t you know that this Gen will last longer than most without a Next Gen installment? = We all will still have 4 years to wait.

    Too late… Are you a clown?

  38. – Ps3 SLIM already at the top of Amazon = It has just began, & I’m already proven right. lol

  39. It was at the top as soon as it was available for preorder lol. Sony just put C4 on the price barrier so the people are flooding in! Woot! That was soooo corny lol….

  40. uhhh yeah so every new sku is always at the top of Amazon lol hell the PSP Go was when it was announced…the Elite etc. that means absolutely nothing. but i’m sure people will eat it up. i’m just saying. an Amazon top list just means it’s the hot shit right now. next week it’ll be the new Miley Cyrus album.

  41. Oh no you didn’t lmao. Am I the only person that always hear about Miley Cyrus but has never seen any of her work? I’m going on a Disney Channel watching spree so I can feel in lol. Oh and can you tell Sony to lower the price on the PSP Go please with your ninja connections? I have a coupon for 75 bucks off a console/handheld but it still seems like to much…. :’(

  42. I agreee with Deac. In today, out today. The PS3 Slim is hot right now but in a week or two it won’t be. For those who don’t have a
    next-gen console this may be a good buy if its your preference, but for current PS3 owners and real gamers this is a waste of money in my opinion.

    I hope Sony puts a lot of thought into dropping the price of the PSP Go. Why pay $200.00 + for a hand held when you can get a console??

  43. With the $299.99 price and this coming – = The Ps3 is all WIN.

  44. The PSP is Epic Fail – Long live the DS LOL

  45. Handhelds are for children, & the ZUNE fails more than the PsP. lol

  46. What does the ZUNE have to do with the handheld gaming? That’s what I thought, NOTHING!

    Handhelds are for children yet the DS SMOKES your beloved PS3, Wii, and Xbox360 in sales. I’m sure Nintendo is laughing at you as their money keeps coming in.

  47. The ZUNE will also play games… & it’s a big fail. Boston, what does Handhelds have to do with a $299.99 Ps3 & a very overpriced $399.99 Elite 360 in the first place?

  48. well i must say that the DSi is great!

  49. Boston, stop baiting Mike, his blood pressure is high enough as it is. Next you’ll bring up the fact that Samsung HDTVs pwn Sony Bravia sets and his head will explode.

    I saw a bit on MANswers the other night about people getting paid to get ads tattooed on themselves. Mike, I think you should call SONY and make a deal with them. :-)

  50. No thanks… I hate Sony, but they did good this time. MIcrosoft is sucking it big time!

  51. Do you love anything Mike? Flowers, Ice Cream, Pop Tarts, Dogs, Sniper Rifles, Pikachu, Children, Video Games, Power Rangers, Cars, Strip clubs, Bacon, etc…. Do any of these things make you feel go inside sir?

    Btw to all of youz with a PS3 what’s your PSN ID? I have like 4 friends on it…. :’(

  52. I like a lot of things, but I only have issues with the things I do not like = Thus I only want to talk/let people know, & try to solve those problems with some sort of a solution.

    As in…

  53. “I also Fear Natal will be a huge success” lol

    I do agree with you though, to get maximum buzz they’re going to need a completely redone 360 bundled with the Natal for $300. It’s not crazy since the new version of the 360 would be cheaper to produce balancing out the extra cost of the Natal. I really do hope for a redesign though because I still have an HDMIless console that likes to take vacations to Texas… I wove the 360 so I would buy the new version quick fast! :)

  54. Hmmm, last I heard was the Pro was going bye, bye and that the Elite was coming in at $299 now. So we have a PS3 Slim & Xbox 360 Elite for the same price point. Sure the Slim can do Blu-Ray, but I don’t buy that many DVDs as is an don’t see getting Blu-Ray anytime soon. As much as the PS3 Slim has my attention a bit as an option for a Blu-Ray player an the exclusive Song games, its not enough for me to make a jump to that console. I hands down prefer the Xbox 360 line and Live features. I think this will perhaps give the PS3 a boost and a shot at getting some more market share now.

    As for handhelds, the DSi is slick for gaming and I love my Zune for music and would rather spend my money on the ZuneHD than get the Slim. I also don’t care when they compare the Consoles and handhelds in the same numbers together. I’m sorry that is like Apples and Oranges, sure they are all fruits, but I’d rather know the numbers between the Red & Green Apples and then look at the Oranges & Tangerines.

  55. Blu-Ray is amazing, & I use that on my Ps3 more than playing games on my 360. (Hasn’t been many good games lately) – To think that you can get Blu-Ray/Wi-Fi in the Ps3 console for $299.99 is something the Elite can’t even do… Hell, A $199.99 Arcade without a Hard Drive would cost you $299.99 with the Wi-Fi adapter, & another $150 for a 120 Hard Drive, & you don’t even get the option to play Blu-Ray movies. = The SLIM Ps3 is a far better deal.

  56. Look at it like this…

    In the Ps3 you get a Blu-Ray player that also plays DVDs at $150, Wi-Fi adapter for $50, & a game console at $100 = $300

    In the Elite 360 you get a DVD player for $50, & a game console for $250 = $300

    The SLIM Ps3 is a far better deal.

  57. Yes the PS3 is a better value but as of right now the 360 is a better console. I’m not talking about what’s coming out, I’m taking about now. Blu-Ray is awesome when it’s filmed for it or is remastered for teh HD. I’m an Anime junkie and they are putting a lot of my favorites on Blu-Ray so I might just start my nerd collection now lol.

    Keep in mind though that when people go to buy a console they don’t break it down by price and which one is a better deal. They go by the games currently out, features and if they even can use them, friends that have it so they can play with them or if it’s a confused parent they just buy what the store employee makes sound better. Some people might even go “Blu-Ray and Wifi? My kid doesn’t have an HDTV and will use a wired connection, gimme the 360 so I don’t bothered for a HDTV next.” Yes so people think like that lol.

    I’m so lonely, hold me…… :’(

  58. Saying the 360 is a better console is opinion… What is that based on? It’s definitely not quality standards in first party games, or system reliability.

    HDTV-Less People may think like that, but what will stop them from ever getting an HDTV in the near future… Wouldn’t it be wise to already have a Blu-Ray player included in your console? = Yes, I know so.

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