PS3 Slim, Should Microsoft Drop Price on 360?

Sony announced today that they’re introducing a new version of it’s PlayStation 3 console, the PS3 Slim.  It’ll be priced at $299 and will include all the stuffing like a Blu-ray drive, 120GB hard drive, Wi-Fi etc.  It won’t have backward compatibility with the PS2 but then who plays those games anyway.  I must say that it’s an attractive offer and with the new matte finish, it looks much better.  I like it and if there were a good trade-in program for my bulky 80GB PS3, I’d take advantage of it.

PS3 Slim

With this addition to the Sony lineup, should Microsoft reduce the price of its Xbox 360 Elite?  Is that something you would expect or welcome?  Do they even have to respond to this?

What say you?  I don’t think they have to do anything because they still have the best software line-up of all the consoles and the Xbox LIVE experience is unmatched.

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  1. Boston, stop baiting Mike, his blood pressure is high enough as it is. Next you’ll bring up the fact that Samsung HDTVs pwn Sony Bravia sets and his head will explode.

    I saw a bit on MANswers the other night about people getting paid to get ads tattooed on themselves. Mike, I think you should call SONY and make a deal with them. :-)

  2. Do you love anything Mike? Flowers, Ice Cream, Pop Tarts, Dogs, Sniper Rifles, Pikachu, Children, Video Games, Power Rangers, Cars, Strip clubs, Bacon, etc…. Do any of these things make you feel go inside sir?

    Btw to all of youz with a PS3 what’s your PSN ID? I have like 4 friends on it…. :'(

  3. “I also Fear Natal will be a huge success” lol

    I do agree with you though, to get maximum buzz they’re going to need a completely redone 360 bundled with the Natal for $300. It’s not crazy since the new version of the 360 would be cheaper to produce balancing out the extra cost of the Natal. I really do hope for a redesign though because I still have an HDMIless console that likes to take vacations to Texas… I wove the 360 so I would buy the new version quick fast! :)

  4. Hmmm, last I heard was the Pro was going bye, bye and that the Elite was coming in at $299 now. So we have a PS3 Slim & Xbox 360 Elite for the same price point. Sure the Slim can do Blu-Ray, but I don’t buy that many DVDs as is an don’t see getting Blu-Ray anytime soon. As much as the PS3 Slim has my attention a bit as an option for a Blu-Ray player an the exclusive Song games, its not enough for me to make a jump to that console. I hands down prefer the Xbox 360 line and Live features. I think this will perhaps give the PS3 a boost and a shot at getting some more market share now.

    As for handhelds, the DSi is slick for gaming and I love my Zune for music and would rather spend my money on the ZuneHD than get the Slim. I also don’t care when they compare the Consoles and handhelds in the same numbers together. I’m sorry that is like Apples and Oranges, sure they are all fruits, but I’d rather know the numbers between the Red & Green Apples and then look at the Oranges & Tangerines.

  5. Blu-Ray is amazing, & I use that on my Ps3 more than playing games on my 360. (Hasn’t been many good games lately) – To think that you can get Blu-Ray/Wi-Fi in the Ps3 console for $299.99 is something the Elite can’t even do… Hell, A $199.99 Arcade without a Hard Drive would cost you $299.99 with the Wi-Fi adapter, & another $150 for a 120 Hard Drive, & you don’t even get the option to play Blu-Ray movies. = The SLIM Ps3 is a far better deal.

  6. Look at it like this…

    In the Ps3 you get a Blu-Ray player that also plays DVDs at $150, Wi-Fi adapter for $50, & a game console at $100 = $300

    In the Elite 360 you get a DVD player for $50, & a game console for $250 = $300

    The SLIM Ps3 is a far better deal.

  7. Yes the PS3 is a better value but as of right now the 360 is a better console. I’m not talking about what’s coming out, I’m taking about now. Blu-Ray is awesome when it’s filmed for it or is remastered for teh HD. I’m an Anime junkie and they are putting a lot of my favorites on Blu-Ray so I might just start my nerd collection now lol.

    Keep in mind though that when people go to buy a console they don’t break it down by price and which one is a better deal. They go by the games currently out, features and if they even can use them, friends that have it so they can play with them or if it’s a confused parent they just buy what the store employee makes sound better. Some people might even go “Blu-Ray and Wifi? My kid doesn’t have an HDTV and will use a wired connection, gimme the 360 so I don’t bothered for a HDTV next.” Yes so people think like that lol.

    I’m so lonely, hold me…… :'(

  8. Saying the 360 is a better console is opinion… What is that based on? It’s definitely not quality standards in first party games, or system reliability.

    HDTV-Less People may think like that, but what will stop them from ever getting an HDTV in the near future… Wouldn’t it be wise to already have a Blu-Ray player included in your console? = Yes, I know so.

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