Games on Demand, Priced $20-$30

One of the new features of the latest update to Xbox LIVE and the Dashboard is the Games on Demand service.  Just think of it as Xbox Originals but with new Xbox 360 titles.  There aren’t any new releases but there are some stellar titles that will be available next week when the update hits the world on August 11.

Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Oblivion, BioShock, Need for Speed Carbon and a host of other titles will be digitally provided to you.  The stinker in all of this is the price.  Microsoft has stated that titles will run between 1600-2400 Microsoft Points / $20-$30 dollars.  A lot of these older titles can be purchased for change at your local GameStop or eBay dealer. 


Cheaper at retail plus the fact that it’s a digital download isn’t making it very attractive.  I can’t trade it in or let a friend borrow it and depending upon my digital rights situation, I won’t be able to play it in some cases.  The hope here is that it does better than the Xbox Originals but with these prices, I can’t see much hope.

One thing to note is that you can download your game manuals from if you so choose but really, who does that?  And I haven’t even mentioned the hard drive situation and how much space this will eat up.  Microsoft says these games will be anywhere from a 4GB-6GB install so that’s around 10 games if you have a 60GB hard drive and 20 if you have a 120GB hard drive.

Realistically though you’re not even going to get the math benefit here because of all the other things you likely have on your hard drive already.  So realistically you’re probably looking at 4 0r 5 games with a 60GB and about 12 if you have a 120GB.  Can someone say more hard drive options incoming?  I fear the price of that.

What say you?

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26 Responses to “ Games on Demand, Priced $20-$30 ”

  1. i guess they will be needing to drop these prices when they notice more people are buying games like mass effect and assassins creed for $10 at gamestop.

    there is no way that call of duty 2 can be considered a $20 purchase. i thought i saw a couple more launch titles on there like perfect dark and kameo….too expensive for those as well.

  2. I’ve got to agree with you, the only way I can see paying Microsoft $20-$30 to download a game is if I can just flat out not get a hard copy of the game anywhere. The concept is good, but the price point just doesn’t do it for me. Also, Microsoft really needs to make a hard drive shell for the Xbox 360 that you can install any retail hard drive into and use. I’d so plug a 1TB hard drive into mine in a hurry.

  3. I agree with both my fellow posters.

    Why buy the downloadable, when you can buy a HARD copy with case and manual for less? This is absurd and if anyone buys it they are not using their brain.

  4. I agree that this seems steep for games you can’t re-sell. I guess I’d only do this for a title I know I’d want to keep.

  5. welcome JD…looka t that..already a medal unlocked ;) 15K. and obviously i agree with everyone so far.

  6. this program is going to fail miserably … you lose MS, alot of your customers are dumb, but we’re not this dumb …

  7. I agree with Irish here, this won’t work out too good.

  8. @Irish, you’d be surprised at the level of dumb going around lol.

  9. I agree with Deac to some degree, the DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA is in full force!

    Damn Irish look at all your medals, wtf!? I’m so jealous!

  10. someone somewhere will want to play viva pinata at 2 am. out of desperation, money will be blown.

  11. I don’t know about that Irish… There are a lot of people defending the $7 price tag on the new L4D content, even though it’ll be free on the PC.

    Obviously, a lot of people like giving MS their money. I don’t think it’ll be any different in this situation.

  12. I agree with everyone so far – games on demand ftel

  13. Haha what a fail. Why would you want a physical copy over a digital one? You can’t trade it, borrow it, re-sell it, return it, whatever. And you’re not holding anything in your hands plus there’s DRM issues at hand. And where’s the manual??? It’s all about the manual…

  14. Damn right it’s all about the manual lol :P

  15. If I can buy the RETAIL FRICKIN GAME CHEAPER than why teh hell would I buy a digital copy for more!?!? Microsoft made the original xbox games cost to much now they can’t make xbox 360 games cheaper because I guess they would feel that the customer wins? I could just picture Microsoft when coming up with these prices “what eva, I do what I want!” (I’ve just watch all of south park for the first time /slow lol.)

    The only other thing I can think of is that they don’t want to piss of the retailers and end up the bad guys. If they pushed the whole digital thing and succeeded gamestop/game section in stores/game stores would be screwed. In this economy it would suck balls for more people to lose jobs and who knows if the news would pick that up making it worst. Any who if your gonna push the whole digital thing hard it’s best to start with a new product so i guess next gen it’ll begin.

    I type to much….. I blame all the pop tarts I bought last week, to much sugar……

  16. [...] Read [...]

  17. you will buy them USB…the schwartz commands you! lol

  18. I’ll save my points for Shadow Complex thank you.

  19. I don’t know about you guys but I love collecting and keeping my games. I am nostalgic and I love owning the manuals. I remember in the old days the manuals were like artwork and I loved that.

  20. The price of the hard drives has to get down to a reasonable number. I bought the 360 at launch, went through 5 rrod’s, and I am not dumb enough to buy a super expensive 60 gig hard drive. So I am stuck with a crappy 20 gig, and I can’t even download a whole HD movie, let alone a full game (I do have a lot of arcade games on my hard drive).

    Over priced games + highly valuable hard drive space makes this a no-brainer for me. Sorry, I would rather have available space for the random movie or demo I want to try. That is until I gan get the 60 gig hard drive for $50.

  21. I have to also agree with pretty much all of you. The prices are too high since all these games can be found for a lot cheaper as used.
    In addition, I tend to collect games & I love having hard copies of everything.

  22. Before I rip into my good buddy Willy Gates’ ass, I need clarification. Does MS set those prices for the third party games?

    A lot of big companies have contractual agreements with large retailers like WalMart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop etc. that establishes a minimum ad price for competing platforms. In other words WalMart makes a deal with Activision agreeing to buy and sell their games. Part of that contract basically establishes a guarantee that another outlet wont come in and undercut the price. Does that make any sense?

    Huge corporations like Wally World hold tremendous influential power because they buy the most stuff.

  23. makes perfect sense UR BUS and i’m not sure about it but yeah…it makes perfect sense. even with that, the prices are still unattractive at least for me. i can see these retail giants playing a part in this and if so, then why even introduce this? i guess perhaps because big companies realize the lack of intelligence and those impulse buy moments that millions of gamers have. :(

  24. No Deac, it does not make perfect sense… UR BUS is wrong & completely making up a retarded excuse for Microsoft’s ignorance for introducing such a ridiculous program. One of the main points of introducing digital distribution is to cut out the middle man (Stores) so that Microsoft saves on extra costs, & gives people extra savings on cheaper games. To think stores have any say in what Microsoft does with their product is clueless at best… Being apart of retail myself, I know that Microsoft allows certain gamers to be able to be apart of the Microsoft retail program, to influence gamers to talk highly about Microsoft to only push their products with a certain bias. Now, if Microsoft can sell 360 games (Even 3rd party) at a much reduced price to influence retail individuals to support their product, they sure in Hell can list whatever downloadable content they have at a respectable price. Microsoft is just being completely clueless/arrogant/ & greedy… Only a pure FOOL would support this 360 games on demand crap from Microsoft!

  25. odd…well now that makes sense too Mike lol. i wouldn’t doubt either one really. bottom line for me is i won’t be partaking in games on demand. seems reasonable though that they may not want to step on toes with prices but then, you’re right in that it’s Microsoft…they’ve stepped on toes before lol.

  26. These games can be bought cheaper at gamestop.
    Like BioShock is $30 at GameStop its $20 same with Assassins Creed

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