Cowabunga Dudes! TMNT Re-Shelled!

I won’t lie and say that I haven’t been looking forward to this remake because I have especially since Ubisoft decided to can the original 1200 Microsoft Points cost.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled is now available for a trimmed down price of 800 Microsoft Points.  What’s with the long-winded game titles these days? 

I was hoping Ubisoft would’ve given a discount to those who have the yesteryear version but that’s probably asking too much.  Mo’ money, mo’ money.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled

So let’s go Leonardo!  He was always my favorite.  I love the swords I guess.  I’m definitely seeing some fun on Xbox LIVE with this if anyone is interested.  If enough people get it, let’s all go turtle out with an Unscripted Nights event.  Turtle Power!

You can queue it up right here to be ready to download with you power your Xbox 360 on.  What say you?

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17 Responses to “ Cowabunga Dudes! TMNT Re-Shelled! ”

  1. Yeah, I’ll be checking this out. TMNT was my favorite cartoon of the 80′s. I’ll join you Deacon . Mikey was my favorite with the nunchucks.

    Message me if schedule a night.

  2. dude i’m like REALLY behind on scheduling a UNight event. gotta get on it lol. we can play TMNT though just on the skirts…i want to get some Gears Horde Mode on the new maps on an Unscripted Nights :)

  3. TURTLE POWER! I love the bad boys. Sai toting Raphael FTMFW! As for an Unscripted night I’ll try to help get things together. Wootz!

  4. i posted a date Danger…see if you’re down with that :) ?

  5. Nice, I may download this.

  6. i want to play the trial before i make a final decision.

  7. I agree with comment #6. Trial first.

  8. I’ll try the trial too. My daughter loved the 1st TMNT arcade game.

  9. I played the trial and it was alright. I like the redone graphics though.

  10. I tried the trial earlier today and I loved it. I going to buy it friday when i get more mircrosoft points.

  11. This game looks great. I would love love to play a horde mode with some of you, I have NOT played a single horde mode on GoW2 yet :(

  12. damn Boston that’s embarassing lol. but we’re scheduling some Horde for next week!

  13. The game is awesome but what about the smash bros like multiplayer? What teh hell did I miss? Is that another game? I’m ever so confused lol.

  14. Deac, not as embarrassing as you not finishing Mass Effect, CoD4 :)

  15. I’ll check out the demo first but I’ll be surprised if I don’t just d/l the full game … looks cool.

  16. i played the trial and i think it’s good enough to purchase…now i just need the points :)

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