RAGE Secret Exclusive, Find the Password

There’s nothing like a little hunt is there?  What’s even better is if that hunt has a significant (or at least a worthwhile) treasure at the end.  EA is teasing about a new section to the RAGE site that has an exclusive video for anyone who can find the password to unlock it.  (hint: the latest issue of Game Informer)

This will perhaps send plenty into a rage of their own trying to figure it out but that’s the fun.  If you think you have mad password cracking skills, then head over to www.aftertheimpact.com and try to gain access.


This is of course the interactive teaser site for RAGE, the upcoming game from id Software.  Visitors will follow the story of a lone survivor which will continue to unfold, revealing more to explore and interact with every two days.   If you’re behind on the revealing, then get to the site and discover what all the “rage” will soon be.

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3 Responses to “ RAGE Secret Exclusive, Find the Password ”

  1. Hopefully we’ll learn more at QuakeCon 09.

  2. i found the password..but this site is so taxing on my browser that i can’t even enter it lol

  3. Wait, EA owns id? I didn’t know that. I thought someone just purchased them…hmmm

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