Army of Two: The 40th Day Weapon Contest Returns!

I don’t think anyone will be surprised when I say that this game is going to kick nuts across the field!  You should have all read my impressions of the game already so I know you’re well prepared to dig into the roles of Salem and Rios once more.  That time is coming but until then, at least EA Montreal is giving you guys and girls something creative to do and a chance to get your creation “in the game”.  Ready to let your inner soldier out?

AOT: The 40th Day

Today, EA Montreal announced the return of the weapon design contest for ARMY OF TWO: THE 40th DAY. From June 23, 2009 to July 12 2009, participants can submit their ultimate weapon at the game’s official website (peep the new website) for a chance to have it included in a future EA game.

To enter the contest, gamers will need to submit an image of their weapon and a brief 200-word description.  You can view the contest rules right here.  Once you submit the design, the images will be posted to the site for the community to vote on.  Starting on July 20, 2009 the top weapons will be reviewed by the development team who will then pick the two best designs.

I’m a designer by trade so I’ll be submitting a totally pimped out Aggro machine that rips through buildings!  If you submit something, let me see it!

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4 Responses to “ Army of Two: The 40th Day Weapon Contest Returns! ”

  1. sick. i am definitely gunna come up with some kick ass weapon that destroys planets and what not

  2. Very interesting. Now to put the creative juices to work.

  3. My weapon will look like a 3 year old drew it but I shall try.

  4. me too lol. I just submitted mine today.

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