Red Elite vs PlayStation 3, Coming Contest Announced

Since I posted my videos of the Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Elite, a few people have emailed asking me to show it in action.  I’m not sure why some of you were interested in this but I made the video anyway.  But instead of it being just about the LE Red Elite in action, I decided to point out a few positives of having a Jasper unit Xbox 360.  The thing runs extremely quiet compared to my previous Xbox 360 Pro.

And the best part about this video is that I used it to announce a pretty cool giveaway coming to the site in a few days/weeks.  You don’t want to miss out on that!  Someone might have a little extra in their gaming life soon…about 60 gigs extra.

RE 5 Limited Edition Elite

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  1. Could use that pro, mine has been getting the 1 red light and the disk drive has been making weird noises for the last month.

  2. That red really is sexy! What an awesome SE console! I’m surprised you keep the 360 on its’ side- I’ve heard that it can sometimes lead to scratched discs and whatnot?

    The newer chipset is definitely quieter (I got my Pro right after they started using it a little over a year ago), although the disc drive still whirrs like a beast. It’s still worlds better than the original 360’s plane-engine noises though.

    Zach S

  3. @ Fox City

    I keep my console on it’s side as well and have never had any problems with scratched discs. :)

    I think either or is fine, really. They are all destined to die anyway… unless you have a Jasper (maybe…).

  4. hell yes I’d like the 60 GB’s, so I can donate my 20 GB HDD to some poor Arcade owning fool!

  5. I could use a 60gb. My brothers been looking for a cheap one. And this would be great if i won so i could give it to him, Great site.

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