World at War Double XP, Zombies Mode Unlocked

Activision is unloading the freebies this weekend for Call of Duty: World at War and it’s just in time for the Unscripted Nights Three Play tonight.  The co-op Nazi Zombies playlist has been unlocked so that you can play it immediately without having to complete the single campaign first.  Those of you like who haven’t played the game should be excited about being able to join in all modes from the start.

[Update] – As of right now the Nazi Zombies playlist has not been unlocked.  I’ve contacted Activision but haven’t received any new information.  Once I hear anything further, I’ll update this.

Call of Duty: World At War

In addition to unlocking the Zombies Mode, Activision is making the weekend a Double XP dip.  So get ready boys and girls for double the experience and double the fun.  I’ve never played World at War so go easy on me in this Zombie Mode and whatever other MP surprises this game has.  The fun starts tonight!

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  1. The double XP was bitchin’ last night! I’m definitely gonna get on a few more times this weekend to try and get close to 50-something. And I still haven’t tried Zombie mode yet…

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