November NPD Sales, 360 Gears Up!

I won’t bother mentioning the fact that the majority of America seems to have chosen to stay in the last generation by continuing to purchase the Nintendo Wii at alarming rates.  Nope.  I won’t mention that at all.

Gears of War 2 

Instead, I’ll focus on a few things that make sense to me which are the Xbox 360 reaping even more benefits from its price drop and enjoying massive software success from the release of Gears of War 2.

Hardware Sales

Playstation 2 206k
Playstation 3 378k
PSP 421k
Xbox 360 836k
Wii 2.04M
DS 1.57M

Software Sales

Gears of War 2 – 1.56 million
Call of Duty: World At War (360) – 1.41 million
Wii Play w/Remote – 796K
Wii Fit – 697K
Mario Kart – 637K
Call of Duty: World At War (PS3) – 597K
Guitar Hero: World Tour (WII) – 475K
Left 4 Dead – 410K
Resistance 2 – 385K
Wii Music – 297K

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  1. Couple of things I’d like to note;

    I’m glad to see Gears 2 did so well; expected it.

    I’m surprised to see that COD:WaW did almost as well as Gears 2; didn’t expect that…

    I’m perplexed at Nintendo’s numbers, but not surprised. My in-laws purcahsed my kiddo’s a Wii for Christmas, so that accounts for 1 of those sales…no matter how you look at it the numbers are mind bottling.

  2. yep mind bottling indeed. i can’t justify having one just to have one ya know. there has to be something that i want to play. good thing my little brother has one so i never have to buy one of my own lol

  3. i think people are buying wii’s and ds’s just to throw them out and buy them again. seriously who the hell is still buying wii’s! and the 360 is doing much better i think because of the holidays

  4. /swoops in to edit Boston’s post

    “Wow the 360 did OWN the PS3 for November LOL”

    Nothing to see here folks…hangover’s FTW!

  5. Let us all pray for the poor unfortunate PS3 fanboys’ souls…

    See ya next year, loosers!!! GO 360!!! 😀

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