NBA LIVE 365 Update

What’s up ballers.  I just got an update from the EA Sports Community Manager over NBA LIVE 09 concerning some questions about NBA LIVE 365.


“In our communication to all of you before the launch of NBA LIVE 09, we said that NBA LIVE 365 would be “Made Fresh Daily.” This will certainly be the case, but I wanted to update everyone on our current status, because there are lots of questions being asked around the community concerning NBA LIVE 365 and when it will officially “turn on.” Last night the NBA season officially kicked off. Six teams played, and the NBA LIVE 365 information was received and is ready to be pushed in-game for all of you to enjoy, but in order to accurately reflect what’s happening in the real NBA in NBA LIVE 09, we need the data from EVERY NBA team once they finish their first game.

The last NBA teams will play their first game on Thursday (10/30). To accurately reflect what happened for every team’s first game in NBA LIVE 09, we’re going to turn on NBA LIVE 365 on Friday morning (10/31) for everyone that input a code on the insert inside the NBA LIVE 09 packaging. Once every team plays their first game, you will see your daily changes as promised.

We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but we really wanted to update the community on what our current status is. We thank you for your overwhelming excitement and continued interest for this feature, and we promise that you’ll be pleased with what’s reflected in-game based on the real NBA season. It’ll be a long, enjoyable journey for all of us to enjoy!”

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15 Responses to “ NBA LIVE 365 Update ”

  1. what do daily updates entail, do they update player abilities through out the season? Like when someone starts playing well, their rating goes up, or on the other side if someone gets hurt they are benched…

  2. i think that’s it pilex if we are to believe Deacon’s audio recap :)

  3. is there a way to update 365 and not delete a created player?

  4. Waht is the valid code for the 365 feature for NBA Live 2009 i dont have my book

  5. each code is different. find your book.

  6. What happens if you purchased the game used? Are you totally screwed for the code? It is saying that my code is “already in use”

  7. where is the code located.

  8. im having the same problem as todd but my code is logged in into my old username is there no way i can get it back?

  9. update the SPURSSSSSSSSS god dammit its been a week since ginobili came back hurry ur asses up

  10. I don’t know where to find the valid code on my box. Can someone tell me?

  11. if you purchased it new, there should’ve been a sleeve inside with the code on it.

  12. Well, I did buy it new, but there is no sleeve.

  13. Oh, never mind! I found it. Thank you for the advice

  14. is there a way 2 get another code…my bro used my code on his profile…..

  15. the only way is to buy another game. or buy it off of Xbox Live Marketplace.

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