Fable 2 Gets Co-op Update

Fable 2 fans can rejoice as word comes down that you’ll indeed by able to play online co-op in the game today!  Some of you are already playing the game so just sit back and wait for the update to be released.  Lionhead and Microsoft Game Studios confirmed that the online co-op multiplayer feature update is confirmed for a free download on Xbox LIVE, worldwide today.

Fable II

“We are pleased to provide Fable II fans around the world with the chance to hop in and out of their friend’s Fable II worlds, to meet their heroes, dogs, spouses and experience Albion, together online.  Fable II will be available at retailers throughout North America on October 21 and across Europe on October 24.”

I’m getting more and more interested in finding out if Peter and the team came through on all those promises.  I haven’t played any Pub Games so I’m behind the curve.

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  1. Fired up right at the launch as expected. Haven’t tried the co-op yet really, but I’ll say this its wild how it works. Right at the start I’m listening to characters and I started to hear someone chat during game play. Then I noticed a little glowing orb with a friends gamertag fly by. It’s that simple, my guess it I can push a button and slide right into their gaming world at that point and vice versa. I had to force myself away from the game to get some sleep. Its going to be a heavy coffee drinking day for me today and I’m looking forward to get back into Fable 2 soon now.

  2. @lawlhalla…I heard about that. Kinda disappointing that its not really your character. I still look forward to playing the game however.

  3. I’m going to pick this up tomorrow along with Far Cry 2(stupid GameStop!!). It looks like a blast, but I will stop playing both once Fallout 3 comes out.

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