Dead Space Isaac Clarke Suits

Remember that exclusive suit for the Xbox 360 I mentioned a few weeks ago?  EA Redwood Shores has released the exclusive Xbox 360 Elite Suit on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace!  This suit is available for free over the next two weeks so be sure to download it soon.  It’s a limited time download.

For those of you who own Dead Space, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say the Elite suit has a 90 second air threshold and a 10% armor shell along with additional inventory slots.  It looks really good but I don’t know if I’ll switch it for my regular Level 5 Suit because the armor is only 10% on it whereas on my Level 5 Suit it’s 20%.

Along with the Elite Suit is the Scorpion Rig Suit for 200 Microsoft Points.  The Scorpion Rig has a 90 second air threshold and a 25% armor along with the same inventory slots which is basically all of the slots available to store items.  It’s red armor and glowing visor look really cool.  It also has a scorpion on the helmet.

Get ’em now on the Marketplace to give Isaac a little more help battling those pesky Necromorphs.  You can even unlock a Military Suit to wear.  Here are some pictures of the Scorpion Rig and Military Suit.

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  1. yup ! tank suit is available for buying in shop , in real shop for real credits lol just visit microsoft xbox shop for exclusive suits

    for pc , u have to beat the game , save the game and then load that save ( says some like complete game save ) and it will start the game from the beginning at the same difficulty level , from that save will say round 2

    u will get suit 5 from the start and all ya node mods and credits , also suit 6 is available in shop but u have to beat the whole level coz the only shop[ terminal is on the train station in the end of level 1

    started at imposible lol , with no nodes upgrates money , weapon etc just suit 5 and i wud say its really like this , these damn creatures almost upbeatable

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