Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo Aug. 21

Prepare for some Sith style action as LucasArts unleashes a demo for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed next week on August 21.  Play the demo soon you will.  A bad ass Sith I will become.  Big shout to Deadly Cyclone for the head’s up after watching Spike TV tonight.  (medal unlocked my friend)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Concept

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22 Responses to “ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo Aug. 21 ”

  1. Should be a great demo, I am about 60/40 on buying this game, so this will really help!

  2. Wow, you’ve got a BUNCH of medals!! Kudos!

  3. ZOMG! I can’t wait to throw dudes across the level. XD

  4. Good tip Cyclone ;)

  5. When I first heard about this, I wasn’t too exctied. Over time, the more I heard about it the more I was interested. I am at the point right now where I plan to purchase this, this game sounds fun!!

  6. I’m definitely pre-ordering this game. The E3 demos looked SICK!!!!

  7. Man I need some medals too LOL

  8. download this demo immediately i will

  9. sweet!

  10. I can’t wait to try it out.

  11. The ultimate geek game from a company that just about always fails to deliver a solid game… I’m sure something will be lacking in this game also.

  12. The Star Wars games of the past usually fell a little short (except for Battlefront and Battlefront II). I think this one is gonna be different. Story, destructive gameplay, Star Wars, I should be going to reserve this right now.

  13. The force is strong with this one… to bad my pocketbook doesn’t match though. Looking forward to trying the demo out.

  14. This just in: Xbox Live servers crashed on August 21 due to excessive use of its download service.

    I can’t wait. I hope the demo doesn’t suck (and the retail game).

  15. i think we all hope it doesn’t suck.

  16. I hope it doesn’t suck, it actually looks pretty promising.

  17. Hopefully this game will handle a lot like Psi-Ops. That game was awesome and that will make this game that much more entertaining.

  18. Wait, will this be out on the 21st or the 31st?

  19. attention..this just in…the article says August 21. not sure how you missed that.

  20. Can’t wait for this teh awesome demo!!

  21. I cannot wait to use the FORCE!

  22. I was originally not interested in this game but as time goes on it is starting to peak my interest. The demo will help me a alot to determine if this will worth the time.

    If it is great, this may delay my Rock Band 2 purchase.

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