Strange Flavour, No Stranger At All

I’ve been fortunate enough during my time with Unscripted 360 to meet a lot of great developers and publishers.  Plenty of these guys and girls support what I do here and for that I have perhaps a better respect for the “other world” in gaming than most of you do.  I tend not to shout off about how crappy games are (most of the time) because I know what these guys and girls go through to make these games.

There are a rare few that truly manage to separate themselves from being just another developer dishing out games to people that they couldn’t care less about as long as the $ was in.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting one of the rare few who have separated themselves from the norm.  I give you Strange Flavour’s Aaron Fothergill or as you may know him around these parts, Zwilnik.  He’s part of team behind a series of Xbox Live Arcade titles including Totemball, Spyglass Board Games and the upcoming Airburst.  Totemball is still the only game that truly makes use of the Vision Camera for whatever that’s worth to ya. (smile)

Airburst XBLA

I wanted to mention Zwilnik to everyone because he’s quite honestly an incredible guy whose actions I didn’t want to go unseen.  For a developer to do the things that he does for a community that doesn’t have his games on their brains constantly, it is quite remarkable.  For those of you who don’t know, Zwilnik donated to both the U360 Care effort and here recently, to the Power of 360 effort.  Beyond that he’s constantly mixing it up with everyone here with comments, advice and general banter.

He is an anomaly in the usual world of the selfish and unattached developer.  For many of these reasons, I’m proud to drop whatever amount of Microsoft Points on his Xbox Live Arcade titles that they require.  I support what he does because of his choice to simply “fit in” amongst us normal geeks.  Had I not pointed him out, I’m sure a lot of you would think he’s just another guy in the community.  And you’d be right because that’s just how he wants it.

When I told you he was an anomaly, I meant it.  You don’t see many developers maintain their sense of community, regard or even humanity the way that he’s has managed to maintain.  So I’m calling on all of my peeps to get behind Strange Flavour when Airburst releases on Xbox Live Arcade.  If there were an option to pay and download twice, I’d do it because a guy like this deserves it after giving so much of himself in an industry that doesn’t require it.  It’s just how Zwilnik rolls and I’m hoping everyone rolls with him to show him some love with his new release.

Thanks for being a genuine friend, developer and example for people to follow Zwilnik!  I wish you nothing but success my friend because the gaming world is better with developers like you in it.

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20 Responses to “ Strange Flavour, No Stranger At All ”

  1. Zwilnik is definitely the man…very different from what i’d expect of a developer. big ups on the article Deacon! i too shall be an Airburst downloader even if i don’t like it :)

  2. wow. i didn’t know he was a developer. props to Z for sure. i’ll download the game too to support a human being like this. thx for bringing some shine on him DB.

  3. Zwilnik i never downloaded your games, not to be an asshole:D
    I will look out for your next game!

  4. Cool Read Deac and you know 334 will pick up his new game!

  5. count me in too as an Airburst buyer. when does it count Deacon? i hope it’s good lol. but i don’t mind dropping points on a developer who truly goes beyond with his work.

    another really genuine read Deacon.

  6. not sure of an exact date LoveLace.

  7. i’m on it. whenever it releases :) big shout to Zwilnik for all he does. truly a sign of a quality person. never knew you were a developer so double shout for ya.

    thx for the read DeaconBlade.

  8. pretty awesome of you Deacon to write something like this. my Xbox shall be the home of Airburst as well. proud to show some love and support for developers like this.

  9. wow!

    That’s really made my day! :)

    thanks Deac and everyone on U360!

  10. if Deacon says download, i download ;) just kidding. but seriously, a few points to show some support is nothing for a developer like Zwilnik.

    i’ll tell my friends to do the same.

  11. @Zwilnik, see above comment. any release date?

  12. Sorry LoveLace, no idea of a release date yet. One of the fun things about XBLA dev is that even when the game is finished (which it isn’t just yet), you don’t know the definite release date until Microsoft officially announce it on the Monday of the week it’s out.

  13. Zwilnik is just awesome and he’s even donated a bit of SWAG to the Dallas XNA User group. There’s no stopping him, a real Gentleman of the community. I can’t wait for Airburst and I bet my family will enjoy it. Thanks for helping with Power of 360 too.

  14. Hey Zwilnik i re added you again on XBL
    I delete people if i forget who they are Xd.

  15. psst… Deac. About that who’e “I’d pay twice if I could” thing… you could buy it as “DeaconBlade 360″ then again as “U360 Friends.” ;)

    But I will be looking forward to this game, it looks very cool.

  16. i don’t think that would work seeing as i have but one console :) of course when or if the Arcade gets to $199, that might be a plan for me to get anothere 360 so my daughter can have at it.

  17. you do the community proud Deacon pointing out what some developers are out there doing small, great things. i’ll pass the word of Airburst on to my other communities.

    you have my download sir. :)

  18. he is a great man. i had no idea he was that big time i just thought he was another U360 member, that was really smart. and i am def gunna be looking into airburst

  19. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Deacon. And to Zwilnik, thanks for being a great addition to our community. If Deacon had not written this article, I would never have known that you developed games for the 360.
    I will definitely drop some Microsoft points on Airburst when it hits the Arcade to support a fellow U360 member.

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