1942: Joint Strike, Eleventh Hour Giveaway

It’s time to take another giveaway ride powered by that magical TriXie Dust from Xbox and TriXie!  Some of you might just get the chance to take to the skies in this World War II flying shooter and blast everything in sight!  Eleven (11) of you are about to be struck with Xbox LIVE Arcade redeem codes for Capcom’s 1942: Joint Strike.  Yeah there were 12 but I kept one for myself you greedy pigs! (smile)

I present the Magnificent Eleven, Eleventh Hour Giveaway.  I always come up with the craziest names for these things I know.  Are you ready?  If so, then post a comment or send me a message via Xbox LIVE to get into the fun.

Each time the clock strikes 11:00AM & 11:00PM CST, someone will win.  I’ll pick two names when the clock strikes these exact times.  I’ll post the names here so keep the F5 handy.  The trick is to be here at those times because if you’re not, then the names get withdrawn and I’ll move on to the next 11th hour.  You have to be there to claim the code and you’ll have 1942 seconds (a little over a 1/2 hour) to claim it.  We’ll keep going at these two times each day until the codes are gone.

1942: Joint Strike is all about precision and calculated strikes so you have to play the part in order to score the win.  You get the whole “strikes” thing right?  Clock strikes.  Joint Strike.  I figured I’d add a different flavor this time.  And as always, be sure to hit TriXie up with a thanks and send her much Unscripted 360 love!

The first strike begins today!

August 1
11:00AM – Jay900, Danh Hoang (one unconfirmed)
11:00PM – Nexium, CivilizedBacon, AbiosiS (one unconfirmed)

August 2
11:00PM – kawitchate, Akiba Decker, Xeonic Ice (three unconfirmed)
11:32PM Afterstrike – Goon360, Jay900, DiscLizard, Rich Reed

August 3
11:00AM – Carbon Filter, PAT2K9 (one unconfirmed)
11:32AM Afterstrike – Reaperhybrid
11:00PM – PeeKnuckle, TheViddles (one unconfirmed)
11:32PM Afterstrike – kawitchate

[Update] – All redeem codes have been claimed

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  1. What up Deacon…

    I hope I get the code…I love this game…I remember pumping a gang of quarters back in the day…

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