1942: Joint Strike, Eleventh Hour Giveaway

It’s time to take another giveaway ride powered by that magical TriXie Dust from Xbox and TriXie!  Some of you might just get the chance to take to the skies in this World War II flying shooter and blast everything in sight!  Eleven (11) of you are about to be struck with Xbox LIVE Arcade redeem codes for Capcom’s 1942: Joint Strike.  Yeah there were 12 but I kept one for myself you greedy pigs! (smile)

I present the Magnificent Eleven, Eleventh Hour Giveaway.  I always come up with the craziest names for these things I know.  Are you ready?  If so, then post a comment or send me a message via Xbox LIVE to get into the fun.

Each time the clock strikes 11:00AM & 11:00PM CST, someone will win.  I’ll pick two names when the clock strikes these exact times.  I’ll post the names here so keep the F5 handy.  The trick is to be here at those times because if you’re not, then the names get withdrawn and I’ll move on to the next 11th hour.  You have to be there to claim the code and you’ll have 1942 seconds (a little over a 1/2 hour) to claim it.  We’ll keep going at these two times each day until the codes are gone.

1942: Joint Strike is all about precision and calculated strikes so you have to play the part in order to score the win.  You get the whole “strikes” thing right?  Clock strikes.  Joint Strike.  I figured I’d add a different flavor this time.  And as always, be sure to hit TriXie up with a thanks and send her much Unscripted 360 love!

The first strike begins today!

August 1
11:00AM – Jay900, Danh Hoang (one unconfirmed)
11:00PM – Nexium, CivilizedBacon, AbiosiS (one unconfirmed)

August 2
11:00PM – kawitchate, Akiba Decker, Xeonic Ice (three unconfirmed)
11:32PM Afterstrike – Goon360, Jay900, DiscLizard, Rich Reed

August 3
11:00AM – Carbon Filter, PAT2K9 (one unconfirmed)
11:32AM Afterstrike – Reaperhybrid
11:00PM – PeeKnuckle, TheViddles (one unconfirmed)
11:32PM Afterstrike – kawitchate

[Update] – All redeem codes have been claimed

About the Author

They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on Amazon.com. I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

125 Responses to “ 1942: Joint Strike, Eleventh Hour Giveaway ”

  1. hope i win :)

  2. Something different, I’m in :)

  3. What time is that on East Coast? LOL

  4. Count me in

  5. I’m in!

  6. Hell, I hope I win!

  7. good thing i haven’t bought this one yet. chance to win :D
    Love this one, thanks deac and trixie !

  8. I’m in!!!!!!

  9. Now I almost hope my plans for tonight fall through :P

  10. Thanks in advance? :P

  11. I want to win too!!!

  12. Dude this is one of the Arcade games I have been waiting for Thanks Trixie!

    Hope I get in on this.

  13. Awesome! Count me in!

  14. I would like a copy

  15. Does that mean here on U360 to claim it or at my Xbox 360 to claim it?

  16. @TX, it said here as in “here” lol. not there as in Xbox 360. besides, there’s no F5 key on your Xbox. ;)

  17. This sounds great. I really wanted 1942, but don’t have the funds right now.

  18. lol awesome. If I can figure out the timezone math I’m in

  19. @DB well hell, I’m always here… ;) Dude you have some of the coolest and wildest contest for the community. Who’s a rockstar? DEACON!

  20. Count me in for this :)

  21. I wanna win a free game!

  22. I want to win that game! It looks like an awesome shmup.

  23. Fun idea for a contest, put me in!

  24. w007 for shmups!

  25. …Yes please?

  26. Count me in! Would love to get to play the full version.

  27. Wait, so we have to be signed in at 11:00 or we have to post at 11:00?

  28. Nevermind, I just woke up so I’m not all here.

  29. the 11th hour is upon us. As i sit here at my desk at work, all I can do right now is have daydreams of planes flying over enemy territory and taking out anti-allies forces. I would LOVE to have this game under my XBLA arsenal!! USA!!USA!!USA!!USA!!

  30. Pick me please :)

  31. lol you guys are great!

  32. 11th Hour Giveaway lol. dude you come up with some pretty cool ways to give swag away i must admit.

    very original ways bro…

    big up to Trixie and Deac on this!

  33. I would like some Trixie Dust too:)

  34. and the play on “strikes” was teh awesome.

  35. I’m in.

  36. *drum roll*

  37. is that jeopardy I hear playing?

  38. Alex Trebek is on the clock :)

  39. i hope these dudes don’t confirm! lol 1942 second countdown is on for the first 11th hour strike. woot

  40. lol @ Halo Fan. well i hope they do. they should if they paid attention to the rules.

  41. I’m in as well.

  42. Your next draw will be 05:00 over here – I paid attention to the rules but am unlikely to be here at that time :D

  43. where are you located Otacon?

  44. I waited for the 1942 seconds to expire in hopes of my name popping up in the re-draw, if there is one.

    How will this work when someone doesn’t claim their prize?

  45. the unclaimed code gets tossed into the next 11th hour strike :) so there’ll be 3 names instead of 2 at the next strike.

  46. Well then, I will see you all at the strike of the 11th Hour.

    One more question, will we need to post again on this same news post closer to the 2nd Strike or will there be another post for us to register in for the 2nd strike?

    Awesome site by the way and a pretty cool idea for a contest. Keep it up.

  47. thx AbiosiS! and nope, there won’t be another article. i’ll update this existing article with the next strike and the next names :)

  48. Sign me up! I need to get my Strike on

  49. I loved this game in the 80′s arcade!!

    I hope I win!!

    p.s. – I will be buying it if I don’t win – but no more negative thoughts :)

  50. mm i want one

  51. 1942 is a pretty good game. and those that think this is hard…Ikaruga owns this game in terms of utter insanity. I already got it, so don’t count me in Deac. I just wanted to put in some social commentary.

  52. @Deac – The UK mate – ‘where history comes from’ as someone once told me :D

    Random note while I’m here – do you know that all your posts are showing up twice in Google Reader? Started recently and still appears to be the same.

  53. really? is that a bad thing? lol

  54. ok i just signed up via Google Reader and i’m only getting once on the articles. but hey, google reader is pretty friggin cool lol

  55. Wow. This is a great idea for a giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  56. Giveaways. Tasty. Mmmmm.

    Good luck everyone :)

  57. i’m always in the mood for free stuff. sign me up!

    gt: kawitchate

  58. Sign me up
    GT: DJ Hotcakes

  59. Deac you always have great giveaways! Good luck everyone, but here’s hoping I win LOL

  60. Hey Deacon, I got a question – do we have to post a new message in the article everyday in order to get into the daily drawing or is just one message enough?

    Either way, here I am. Good luck to everyone. ;)

  61. one message is good enough :)

  62. Cool, I’ll try to stay up for today’s 2nd drawing then. ;)

  63. I played the demo and I loved it!! I hope I win!

  64. I love these kind of games. Good luck everyone *makes a note to try the demo.*

  65. Woow, Your da man deacon!

  66. Good Luck to everyone as it strikes the 11th Hour….

  67. tomorrow’s AM strike is gonna come a little early ;)

  68. Eh, I hope I make it, I’m getting home pretty close to 11 AM your time! :)

  69. you’re a trooper edu! lol

  70. Ha. Yeah, I’m crazy. ;)

  71. Dust me!

  72. WOW! I can’t believe I actually won… Thank you DeaconBlade and Thank YOU Unscripted360 for having such ingenious contests. I will be registering here very shortly and hopefully become part of the community. My gamertag is AbiosiS and I’d be eager to play with any of you.

  73. awesome AbiosiS! thx for hanging out and confirming. shoot me a message on Xbox LIVE so you can get your Strike on :)

  74. what happened to tomorrow’s 11AM giveaway? i mean i’d be glad if it was canceled, as that’s 6AM my time…

  75. it got canceled :) i’ll be at the movies then so i made only one strike tomorrow.

  76. sweet. thanks for the info!

  77. you’re welcome :)

  78. Ignore me about Google Reader Deac, just checked and I had 2 separate feeds for you (RSS and Atom) :$


  79. ok. ignored. but thx for forcing me to give google reader a try. i like it.

  80. I’m in, my friend. Let’s see if I don’t botch things up like I did on the Kane giveaway.

    Take care.-

  81. id like to be in on the fun.

  82. I would love to play this game. I am poor. Commence with the helping, dude.

  83. ooh, way to keep people on their toes, Deac. :) Sign me up!


  84. Free Games Ownnnnn ;)

  85. wow this is a new way for a contest

  86. I thought this was going to be twice daily? What happened? Just wondering.

  87. no idea, i might be to late for this :(

  88. So there is only one at 11 today? Why?

  89. How do I enter? Just post here around 11pm tonight?!? I got the trial for this game immediately, as it was a childhood favorite of mine back on the NES. I am super excited for online multiplayer as well.

  90. signed

  91. Figured I should register on the site to enter the contest!

    Is this done on Eastern, Central, or Pacific time?

  92. Sounds great. I really liked the trial. I just wouldn’t bite for some reason.

  93. Nice contest, Deacon. You are so creative when it comes to contests. :D

  94. @Elitechief, read above ;) blame The Mummy.

  95. hey add me for this giveaway deaconblade I lovd the 1942 demo!

  96. why does

  97. thanks again deacon :)

  98. no problemo Jay. medals unlocked you guys ;)

  99. oh you’ve got to be kidding me. damn the 5 hour time difference! i just remembered to look now and OF COURSE i won. damn.

    can you throw my name back in the running for tomorrow? pwetty pweeze???

  100. W00t! thanks again deac

  101. Yo Deacon, add me to the list of contestants

  102. i’m in aswell

  103. i win, i win, i win! w3ot!

  104. So does he pick a new winner since the guy didn’t show?

  105. My GT is Kobewan0869, if that matters

  106. come on DB pick me!!! I got up early 4 nada :(

  107. yeah since they didnt post I think deacon gives away 4 at 11pm.

  108. yay, i hope i win!…

  109. Last one’s the charm! ;)

  110. Good luck, guys.

  111. Oh man. I was out all day today.
    Well thanks for listing me. Maybe I’ll get lucky some other time.

  112. Congrats Goon360, at least I know someone who won.

    Maybe next time……..

  113. Yum AFTERSTRIKE… :P

  114. AFTERSTRIKE ftw in 15 minutes……..

  115. yes!!! after missing last night’s 11pm drawing AND THEN today’s 11am AFTERSTRIKE, i finally got it.

    i’d like to thank the academy…

    oh, and DeaconBlade

    THANK YOU!!!

  116. Afterstrike – Col Hartman FTW!

  117. awesome kawitchate! congrats buddy. and CONGRATS to all winners and players. i appreciate you guys and girls hanging around.

    more surprises soon ;)

  118. why do I need Quicktime plugins when I use mozilla on this site? but i dont need them with explorer?

  119. anyone want to trade 1942 for a Boogie Bunnies code? Come on you know you want it!

  120. it may be a plugin you have installed. i use mozilla too and i’ve never been prompted for a quicktime thing.

  121. I don’t have any sort of plugin and I get the same Quicktime prompt here. Weird.

  122. woohoo..just wanted to stop back in and say YOU ROCK DEACON! for the win this weekend.

    oh and i use mozilla too. no quicktime prompt for me. :)

  123. What up Deacon…

    I hope I get the code…I love this game…I remember pumping a gang of quarters back in the day…

  124. I am in, I have been gone for a few days, hopefully i can still win!

  125. AGHHH! I didn’t check back in! NOOOOOOO!!!

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