Sega’s Bayonetta – Hair Raising Experience

Everyone knows the story of Sampson, his strength and his hair right?  If you think that epic tale of hair was interesting, then Sega’s Bayonetta is about to tell the most wicked story of hair to date.  Check out the video and message from its creator.  It may look as if she’s wearing a nice, skin tight leather outfit but in actuality, she has “magical hair” that covers her entire body to form her outfit.  So during the game as she attacks, some of her body will be exposed depending on the type of attack.  I told you this would be a hair raising experience.

“When she uses an attack, you can see her skin is revealed because she needs her hair to make the magic happen; you can see a lot of skin there.” – PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya, EGM.

I was reading the latest EGM magazine and this game stood out.  Bayonetta is the next 3D action game from famed Devil May Cry creator, Hideki Kamiya.  It’s slated for a 2009 release but what’s the point in waiting to get stoked about this is what I say.  The weapons look crazy and the action even crazier.  She has four guns (Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme) that she uses; 2 in her hands and 2 attached to her feet.  You can tell the Devil May Cry influence with the game which, in my opinion, is a great thing because the first DMC rocked.  Yes, there are more weapons so don’t worry.

Flip through the latest EGM magazine for the complete lowdown.  And check out I just had to say that you should all put this on your radar.  Witch Time, katanas, chain & sickles, magical hair…2009 is shaping up very nicely.  Here are some images of Bayonetta to feast on.  This may very well be what Bullet Witch should have been and had the potential to be.  Bring it!

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18 Responses to “ Sega’s Bayonetta – Hair Raising Experience ”

  1. Guns on the feet…wow. That’s just gay. Anyway since Ninja Gaiden has made me interested in action games again I might give DMC4 a try. The demo didn’t do anything for me.

  2. Forgot to mention the hair. I don’t even know what to say about that except…that’s stupid.

  3. DMC4 was really good. and you haven’t seen Planet Terror? LOL

  4. Deac, you read EGM = Mag is a rag!

  5. Interesting, I really liked DMC4 (so much so that I bought it) may give this a chance.

  6. @mike, well i’m enjoying a free subscription so lol

  7. lol Deac… Free is good = Maybe one day I’ll see ypu playing on PSN then. ;)

  8. if the PS3 suddenly becomes free then sure ;)

  9. Oh come on Deac… Sell some of those FREE games you get. :P

  10. then what will i play? haha

  11. IDK… Maybe pay more attention to your site & reply in the forums more often until you get more FREE games, even PS3 ones.

    Ha…. HA!

  12. Hot. ;)

  13. very hawt ;)

  14. I just pissed myself. This is awesome.

  15. “clean up on aisle 3″


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  18. Hrmm that was unusual, my remark got ingested. Anyway I needed to say it’s nice to know that someone otherwise also talked about this as I had trouble finding the same info anywhere else. This was the first place that said the answer. Thanks.

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