I Ain’t Bustin’ No Ghosts?

So, who you gonna call?  Could it be no one?  Reports running around the interweb suggest that Activision has decided to either can or severely delay the release of the Ghostbusters game.  You might ask yourself what Activision has to do with a game that Sierra Entertainment was behind but I’ll have to remind you of the merger between Activision and Vivendi forming Activision Blizzard.  Sierra Entertainment was within the Vivendi umbrella. (ella, ella, ella)

Whenever there is a merger, things like reorganization and refocusing always happen.  It’s inevitable to make changes that often includes layoffs, shuffling development houses etc.  I hope this isn’t true because I was ready to bust some ghosts.

Ghostbusters 2008

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  1. I really liked the preview I saw @ E3 for Ghostbusters. Would be too bad if this game never saw the light of day :(

    I don’t know if a Ghostbusters III movie would work ???

  2. oh NO! and I think I still have my Ghostbusters T-Shirt from days gone by packed away somewhere! Bring the movement back! 😛

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