Fable & Fable 2 Prize Pack

Are you a Hero?  U360’s resident Texan, TXPaladin, and his wife are gearing up for an amazing cause this November and offering a chance to win the Ultimate Hero Prize Pack to those of you who help.  His wife will be participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day event which is a walk to increase awareness about breast cancer.  She needs to raise a certain amount of money to be able to participate.  All it takes is a donation of at least $6.12.

Ultimate Hero Prize Pack

Click here to help with the Breast Cancer 3-Day Event

Those of you who donate will be given the chance to win Fable: The Lost Chapters, the Collector’s Edition of Fable 2 and some concept art signed by artist Mike McCarthy (donated by Lionhead Studios themselves).  I think if anyone said you could score both Fable games for $6.12, you’d have to be slapped in the face to wake up from that dream.

The 60-mile walk is set to take place on November 7-9 here in Dallas so there’s plenty of time to gather up a donation.  This is strictly voluntary.  I do hope we can all do a little something to get her there and to help increase awareness for such a good cause.  You guys and girls came through on the U360 Care (more on that this weekend) effort and I’m confident you will here too.

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  1. great cause, ill be making a donation soon, when is the last day to sign up? I’ll try to make it this week or by next week. Thanks

  2. Our goal is to try an reach 360 donors by the time Fable 2 launches. We will pick from those donors on the day Fable 2 launches and I’ll do my best to get the prize pack mailed out that day. It all depends on how fast we can get the winners mailing address. Sometime in October is all I know for now. I’m going to try an work a deal to get some codes for the Pub games and do an early draw for those who have donated up to the release date of the pub games. Still working on that though and perhaps some other prize packs. For now its just what we have posted. Thank you all for giving to this cause.

  3. Donation made! Cancer touches so many of us in one way or another; prayers to all those who have or are currently dealing with a loved one battling these diseases. Its not an easy road, but know that all the positive energy produced by the love and support of family and friends will see you through!

  4. I donated. Two disease that I donate for are the two disease that hit home the most Breast Cancer (my aunt) and MS (my mom). God Bless.

  5. Yeah the community here is great, thank you so much Deacon for helping get the word out on this. We have 17 donations so far and raised a total $290 towards my wifes goal. She really appreciates all of you for your support. Not sure who thinks gamers don’t care, but I know a bunch that really do care!

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