FYI Microsoft Points Expire

I came across one gamer’s experience today complaining about being pissed at Microsoft for taking his Microsoft Points away.  Who wouldn’t be ticked off having someone rob you of Microsoft Points that you’ve spent your hard earned $ on?  I know I would but in this case it wasn’t what it appeared to be at all.

Microsoft Points

The points were won in one of the various promotions involving Microsoft Points that dish them out as the prize.  What most don’t know is that these types of Microsoft Points have an expiration date.  That means they expire, go bye-bye and vanish after a certain time.  It’s all about reading the fine print.  Any Microsoft Points you obtain via promotion, contest, giveaway or special hook-up are subject to expiration.  This does not include Microsoft Points you purchase from the Dashboard or buy at a retail outlet.

I’m not sure why it’s like this but I figured I would give you all a head’s up because if you’re like me, you like to sit on your Microsoft Points stash for long periods of time.  I also suggest paying closer attention to your account at  It has all the information about your points and which (if any) are due to expire.  All promotional points are used first so if you have a total of 1000 Microsoft Points and you win 500 Microsoft Points from somewhere, the next purchase you make will use the points you won first.

I hope this helps someone to not lose their minds when their promotional points expire without use.  Some of you may have known but others may not have.  Use those points boys & girls because some of them may have an expiration on them.  You don’t want to waste any points now do you?

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42 Responses to “ FYI Microsoft Points Expire ”

  1. wow. didn’t know this. thanks for the head’s up DB.

  2. yeah chalk me up as not knowing this too.

  3. Good stuff, I’ll bear this in mind when I win some Microsoft Points.

  4. Wow, thanks for the heads up. I noticed your wording said, when if any points expire. Do the purchased points expire? I logged on the billing site and it just says how many points I currently have, when they were purchased ect. Nothing about them dying. Just wondering. Again thanks for letting us know this, I had no Idea.

  5. “This does not include Microsoft Points you purchase from the Dashboard or buy at a retail outlet.”

    Disregard my freaking moronic post. Carry on.

  6. wow fine print is something else eh? good to know! :)

  7. yeh i saw this thread today on xbox forums. that sucks, but oh well if its in the fine print then its fair.

  8. Still crap… If you WIN something, it shouldn’t get taken away = By winning something, you should OWN it!

    Microsoft & their bullcrap fine print can stick it up their butt!

    P.S. Deac… Who banned me for 3 days? lol, place is going to be boring ;)

  9. actually Microsoft doesn’t expire its points. the 3rd parties that are in charge of all these promotions do. so it’s not Microsoft and their bullcrap…it’s the 3rd parties and their bullcrap ;)


  10. lol Deac… semantics = Microsoft is a part of that promotion & it’s their fine print.

  11. no it’s actually the fine print of the 3rd parties lol. but hey, i know how it works though with the blame MS angle. so it’s all good…i’m just saying..technically it’s the 3rd parties (whom provide their own terms/conditions)

  12. Oh Deac… Microsoft is the one who allows those terms/conditions for those 3rd parties… If Microsoft cared, they wouldn’t allow such a BS term for their 3rd party MS point system.

    Btw… I speak my mind & it’s funny how people can’t accept it. Gaming is so important to them that they can’t take someone’s opinion on the subject = They just ban me instead.

  13. gaming is serious business lol. you of course should know that ;)

    i mean, afterall, you do go out of your way to tear down Sony and Microsoft at a whim despite hinting at how gaming shouldn’t be that important :)

  14. I tear them down because so many turn a blind eye to their faults… Not screwing the hobby up is my utmost concern while others swing freely in the wind.

  15. Btw Deac… It’s people’s opinions that are not important in the big picture of gaming, yet somehow MY opinion on the subject is so important to many others, that they want me banned for it.

  16. i think it’s what happens when not agreeing with your opinion that puts people in that mode Mike lol.

    disagreeing with you is almost certainly to get you flamed in one regard or another. and that’s not right is it?

  17. Deac, are you saying I am the first to flame? I am the one who gets the hardcore disagreements thrown at me in a unfriendly way all the damn time… He who casts the first stone.

  18. I’d like to hear the reason behind making these promotional points expire.

  19. you’d have to ask Microsoft and their promotional partners on that Viper.

  20. Thank goodness I used my 500 points from the “Xbox Live is 5″ promo, before they expired, on the DLC for Lost Odyssey. Thanks for the tip, DB…especially for those un-aware. :)

  21. Yeah, I already knew this, but it doesn’t matter to me because I’ve never won any. :|

    Good looking out though Deac.

  22. The other day DirtyDiva was giving away 1600 ms point codes one after another. Well Goon360, XanthViper, Atomicow and I ended up with the majority of them. It was the day before the DRM fix. (BTW thanks Deac for the link) anyways I went to to see what I had to do to fix drm issues, when I went to the billing screen I had a little alert saying I had 9600 ms points ready to expire in 1 day. So glad I checked and was able to let the others know. Needless to say I spent 9600 ms points in a few hours. Sure was fun!

  23. I use my points right when I get them, I want everything on the marketplace. Thanks for the heads up DB, I’ll spend my points in 2 minutes instead of 3 now. XD If I ever lose points because they expire……. Ban-Kai…… O_O

  24. @Assassin…wow. hey well i’m glad this reminder was a help to ya :)

  25. You know I never even got the points I won from the PGR4 contest you and I won in deaconblade. I know you said you got them I wonder why I never got them Who do we talk to if we never get the prize we’re supposed to win from Play & wins?

    Can you ask around DB, I won like 500 points from that Kudos contest last year.

  26. Fifty Daily Eleventh Prizes: 500 Microsoft Points

    I also won 9th place on Day 3 of this Play & Win but still no points in the mail :(

  27. That’s some sneaky facts there, Deacon. I hope my Lost Cities code didn’t expire, since I’ll be using it this week, finally!

  28. redeem codes don’t expire :)

  29. fine print sucks! lol thx for the word Deacon. i never knew this. wtf.

  30. @Hartman, i’ll send you an email address to use to ask about that.

  31. Can I haz help also? :) I won this contest and was winner number 40. I never got a thing and they never tired to contact me. I found out when I goggled my tag. XD I demand mad points and a cookie!

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  33. Good to know for the future…now where do I go to win these mysterious Microsoft Point contests?

  34. Nice to know you are getting the word out about this. Yea it was my fault for not reading the fine print but I never thought the points would be taken from my account!!! lol. I guess someone important read the thread though because they gave me half the points back so +1 to Microsoft

  35. well that’s good news Frodo. :)

  36. This is nonsense. I’ve tried contacting Microsoft support about this and they don’t want to hear anything about it. Now i’m out a ton of points because of this little bait and switch. You really have to jump through hoops on their terms of service pages or must have already known about the billing website to even be remotely aware of this.

    Never would I have expected that after physically redeeming points from the cards that they could be removed straight from your account balance. They wouldn’t even push back the expiration on these to unscrew the countless people who lost their points. Has anybody found a channel for their frustration to get something done about this yet?

  37. Same here. No notification of the promo points to expire. Got an email on the 1 month gold trial expiration. Very disappointed.

  38. well if it was a card you purchased from a store, they don’t expire. if they were points you won??? they expire unfortunately.

    there’s no notification. it’s just something you’re supposed to know but again, at least this is getting out to more peeps.

    spread the word about it to help someone else who may not have known.

  39. [...] submit the entry and you’re given 100 Microsoft Points.  These are promotional points so as you should know already, they expire.  In fact, the expiration date for any points received via this challenge is Feb 17, [...]

  40. SPEND SPEND SPEND…. M$ drives our economy. Horray!!

  41. I managed to win some points once, and spent them immediately because of this. I made sure to read the fine print. :)

  42. well i’m glad something i wrote up actually helped someone ;) good stuff Mike.

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