FYI Microsoft Points Expire

I came across one gamer’s experience today complaining about being pissed at Microsoft for taking his Microsoft Points away.  Who wouldn’t be ticked off having someone rob you of Microsoft Points that you’ve spent your hard earned $ on?  I know I would but in this case it wasn’t what it appeared to be at all.

Microsoft Points

The points were won in one of the various promotions involving Microsoft Points that dish them out as the prize.  What most don’t know is that these types of Microsoft Points have an expiration date.  That means they expire, go bye-bye and vanish after a certain time.  It’s all about reading the fine print.  Any Microsoft Points you obtain via promotion, contest, giveaway or special hook-up are subject to expiration.  This does not include Microsoft Points you purchase from the Dashboard or buy at a retail outlet.

I’m not sure why it’s like this but I figured I would give you all a head’s up because if you’re like me, you like to sit on your Microsoft Points stash for long periods of time.  I also suggest paying closer attention to your account at  It has all the information about your points and which (if any) are due to expire.  All promotional points are used first so if you have a total of 1000 Microsoft Points and you win 500 Microsoft Points from somewhere, the next purchase you make will use the points you won first.

I hope this helps someone to not lose their minds when their promotional points expire without use.  Some of you may have known but others may not have.  Use those points boys & girls because some of them may have an expiration on them.  You don’t want to waste any points now do you?

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