DRM Tool – Fix For Content Licensing

I’m sure plenty of you have been waiting for the new DRM Tool from Microsoft to properly transfer your content license to another console so that you don’t have to be connected to Xbox Live in order to play your purchased content.  Well, Microsoft released that tool today.  You don’t have to worry about getting punked by DRM it seems. 

I give you the Content License Transfer Tool.  One thing I wanted to point from the video below is that movie licenses will not be transferred and you’ll only be able to do this once a year.  Yep, that’s one time per 12 months.  Those of you getting refurbished consoles should have your licenses transferred for you from now on.

Click here for detailed instructions on using the DRM Tool

Two Part Process
It’s a simple two-part process.

DRM Tool

First, you must transfer your authorized licenses on Xbox.com.

DRM Tool

Second, you must download the transferred licenses onto your new Xbox 360.

Video: DRM Tool Instructions

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  1. Yay, although I’m sure 6 months would have been fine for limiting whatever nefarious uses MS expected from this.

  2. Good thing they did this although it’s going to take awhile for me to download all the new licenses to my new console. Good job though nothing’s perfect, I’m glad they came to an agreement and did something.

  3. The Transfer tool do not work when it comes to Zune music purchased by subscription from the Zune Marketplace, I moved from 360 core to new Elite and did the data transfer from 20g to a 120g and the thing will only let me listen to my personal music collection but blocks all 1500 songs I down loaded using my subscription,SPOKE TO THE ZUNE SUPPORT AND AND THEY ARE SORRY BUT CAN’T HELP.I am going cancel the subcription and find some other way to stream music to my Music System.

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