Five Days of Kane Giveaway 3

(F5) Five consecutive days.  Five straight days where someone wins continues!  Welcome to Day 3 of the Five Days of Kane Giveaway.  I’m really digging this Kane Theme.  Taking home the win for Day 2 was GOON360.  Congratulations my friend.

Day 3 hints are below.  Get your hunt on!

Kane's Wrath Kane's Wrath Kane's Wrath

The Goodies

5 copies of Kane’s Wrath (X360)
5 Nod T-shirts
5 Nod Mugs

Five Days of Kane Details

- Locate the words on U360 using the daily hints
- Send me a message via Xbox Live with the words you find for that day

Five Days of Kane Hints Day 3

- Make no mistake you are a hunter and finding other hunters will prove wise.
- It’s a bird, it’s a plane.  Or maybe just an interview.
- There are new things to achieve in this army and the sponsor would agree.
- Too legit to quit.  Or maybe just too human.
- Have you checked out some other cool things lately?

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About the Author

They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

13 Responses to “ Five Days of Kane Giveaway 3 ”

  1. right on to it deac !
    congrats goon :)

  2. Done :) and Gratz Goon!

  3. hmmm i see i need to increase the level of diffulty eh HeadGeek? lol

  4. Just found the answer… sending it in now! :)

  5. Hey Deacon, my LIVE account expired yesterday and I won’t be re-upgrading it til next month. Can I e-mail you the answer?

  6. of course :)

  7. @Deacon – nah, I think since there was no pressure I just flew through ‘em today – I think I actually searched for the right word or phrase on each clue on the 1st try today – sometimes it’s better to be lucky then good :)

  8. It’s my first chance at trying this, so I didn’t know that there were more than one word. Now I sent in the real entry. :P

    Tiny mishap!

  9. Gotem, good luck everyone!

  10. Wooooooooo! Thanks Deac and EA :D Can’t wait to play it, and Good luck everyone.

  11. Congrats Goon!

  12. Thank you sir, Good Luck :)

  13. I found them. Congratulations to the winners.

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