Bad Company 30 Codes for 30 Soldiers Giveaway

Are you ready to take to the battlefield and experience that awesome Frostbite technology in Battlefield: Bad Company?  DICE is bringing a demo of the anticipated title to Xbox Live on June 5th!  Players will land on the battlefield as part of the ‘B’ or Bad Company, a wayward band of soldiers more interested in the pursuit of gold and personal financial gain than following the rules.

Gold Edition Battlefield: Bad Company

Thanks to my good friends at DICE and EA, I’m here to enlist 30 of you to head to battle early beginning tomorrow.  Listen up recruits and those of you who didn’t get in on the beta or haven’t pre-ordered!  It’s the 30 Codes for 30 Soldiers Giveaway!  I have thirty (30) exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company Demo tokens that will give you early access to the demo.  Just use the token at the Redeem Code option on Xbox Live.

To get one of the exclusive tokens, just leave a comment here or send me a message via Xbox Live.  Big thanks to the boys and girls at EA for sharing the Bad Company love with Unscripted 360!  Bad Company arrives in stores on June 25th in North America and June 27th in Europe.

Demo includes:

Single player
·  Early look into the quest for Gold with Bad Company

·  Play the all-new Gold Rush mode on the Oasis map, featuring land, sea and air vehicles.
·  Reach rank 4 in the demo to unlock an exclusive in-game weapon

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143 Responses to “ Bad Company 30 Codes for 30 Soldiers Giveaway ”

  1. played the beta and it was good. but i wanna try the single player. :)

  2. Awesome. Throw my name in the hat will ya ;)

  3. Loved the beta, am really curious to see if the single player which supposedly is the bulk of the game lives up to the standards.

  4. I am definetly in. I’d like to give it a try early!

  5. Another great giveaway. It’s really nice of EA to provide these tokens and I wouldn’t mind trying the demo early. I’m interested in seeing what the single player is all about.

  6. Can I haz code?

  7. hey totally interested. send me a code please! i love BF!!!

  8. I would want one, I haven’t played the beta and I want to try out the single player

  9. Missed out on the beta, so I’d like to get in on the demo as early as possible.

  10. I’d like one if there’s any available. Gt same as my username.

  11. i really enjoyed the beta

    and i really love to try the single player demo

  12. I’d definitely like one. GT Phy99

  13. @Dreaded, yep i see that in your comment ;)

  14. gt: DarkTravesty

  15. SuMeRiaN ,,, You rock :)

  16. i should’ve said 29 because i need to keep one for myself lol

  17. well for the heck of it :D

  18. i’ll have to see if it’s available in other regions first lawl :)

  19. My Gamertag is Hi I am Phil

    Thank you if you decide to give it to me :)

  20. I’d like to get in on the action if possible. Thanks Deac!

  21. headed over from dtoid to see what all the fuss is about.
    you gots codes? i would like please.
    GT: kawitchate

    thanks! you rock!

  22. GT: Royal Storm

    i was also in the beta, so i couldnt care less if i get one, but it would be nice if i did.
    thank you

  23. GT: xDISTRATOx

    Thanks meng DESU DESU DESU

  24. Came here from Dtoid. Looking forward to seeing how the single-player aspect of the game plays out.

    GT: ShadowTrooper X

  25. what’s up all my Dtoid peeps :)

  26. hey, i was just wondering if u had any codes left, and if you do could i please have one

  27. Awesome. Hopefully the demo is better than the beta

  28. Would love to get a code for the demo. Played on the Beta and thought it was great. Love the shooters.

  29. well i played the single player portion back with DICE a month or so ago and i enjoyed it quite a bit. also the MP was wicked with friends.

  30. Hey my name GT is I Slade I I would really like on thanks

  31. I am trying to choose on Battlefield or save for another game and being able to play this demo would be wicked awesome have been a long time fan on PC and the frostbite engine looks crazy!

  32. 31st comment :’(

  33. VERY SWEET! You da man Deac!

  34. Comment! Do I win?


  35. Code get?

  36. what about one token to the 33 comment ? ):

  37. Please hope it is random people that win and not the first 30!

    Did I win? :D

  38. I can has code? :3

  39. DeaconBlade Says:
    May 28th, 2008 at 7:00 pm
    i’ll have to see if it’s available in other regions first lawl :)

    doh. you’re right..i’m not using my head again.

  40. tokeeeennnn
    k thx bye

  41. Am I too late?

  42. i been waiting for this game may i’ve a token.

  43. Response posted. :O

  44. After reading every comment I understand I can still enter….

    I would be delighted if I can obtain a code for this game. :)

  45. id love a code for 360, i would not ask for one had i been in the beta but I wasent… Please may I have one?

  46. Loved the Beta, hope to find the demo just as enjoyable until the full game comes out.

  47. set me up with a token

  48. I’m a huge fan of the Battlefield series. I would love to play the Demo before it comes out.

  49. damn hope i can get one

  50. well make sure you guys stop back by this post tomorrow morning. that’s when i’ll be posting the winners :)

  51. token?


    me and battlefield go way back…

  53. I like tokens, lemme in please! :)

  54. little pig, little pig let me in :)

  55. I want one!

  56. i’d like a token, pretty please.

  57. hey man, if there are any tokens left. i would like to have one. if not, than darn it, haha. thanks.

  58. sign me up. after searching for last beta tokens and never finding one i would love to get one from Deac Almighty!

  59. Hopefully I’ll win this token!

  60. 30 codes! Wow! Sign me up Deacon! Maybe this could be the next Unscripted Nights?

  61. please can i have an early demo token for battlefield bad company on 360 please. Thanks.

  62. this is SPARTA! gonna pick the 30 Soldiers as soon as i get to work :)

  63. Go get’em U360! Cool goods Deacon.

  64. PLEASE! I really want a demo code but where I live, you don’t get any special offers or anything :(.

  65. Always a day late and a dollar short – that’ll teach me to go off the grid for a night.

  66. YES….. I want one for Xbox 360 Please send me one.

    Thanks in advance

  67. Am I too late? Can I get down with a code????

  68. OH OH!! ME ME!!
    *jumps up and down*

  69. some of you didn’t leave Gamertags so i tried getting the codes to the easiest i could identify :)

    all 30 Soldiers have been found! thx everyone!

  70. ok im geting a new 1080p tv and a token to Battlefield: Bad Company would just make day

    fat guy in little cote fat guy in little cote huuuuuu huuuuu
    goodluk every one

  71. jay900, goon360, deadly cyclone, salman707, ifish, dreaded dragon, sumerian, darktravestry, panfoot, gatz83, i slade i, da partycrasher, dzs awez0me, aero hudson, hi i am phil, phy99, kawitchate, shadowtrooper x, intangible 360, bostonpimpdaddy, viper86, usb cable, unreal insane, overkill, xzeno, distrato, jepstein30, shifttab, no hands 55, twisteddoom

    woot for the wicked 30. i’ll see you guys next week when i can get my hands on the demo :)

  72. Hello my name is shawn and ive been a battlefield player sence the start i would love a code so please if you can email me one thankyou and i guess i’ll be waiting

  73. You should have kept a code for yourself Deac! If you want to keep my code and use it, that’s completely fine with me.

    Congrats to all of the other winners!

  74. nah it’s cool. i can wait until next week i guess :)

  75. Well, thanks for the code! I appreciate it!

  76. now i’m off to see who has unlocked that fancy Lucky Leaf medal ;)

  77. plz send me a battlefield bad company code i have been a long time fan of the series and i would love to check it out

  78. What a wicked bunch for sure. Wonder if you call all hook up this time. Would be cool for the 30 on a Unscripted 360 Nights. The beta didn’t seem to give me options to play with people I knew.

  79. congrats on unlocking a new medal Aero, Unreal, Deadly, Dreaded, Twisted and Boston :P

  80. Oh, this has Single Player mode, I just missed that all together. Wonder what that will be like.

  81. Too bad I missed out on this one, gotta remember to check back more often… Congrats to all the winners, and Deacon, I totally would have kept one for myself, you’re too kind.

  82. Hooray! :D

  83. @HeadGeek, your email address is what stopped your comments from posting. it’s been picked up as Spam because of your email address. might want to use a different one or not list an email

  84. like I tried to comment earlier – always a day late and a dollar short (this time using a different email addy)

  85. try using the email notification. it sends daily updates to ya.

  86. Oh man Deacon, Thanks! Sometimes, the work flow that goes on here and how you manage to do everything really impresses me.

  87. i am an anomaly lol

  88. …you want to give jigsaw a token…

  89. Wow Deacon, you didn’t even keep one for yourself. I’m impressed.

  90. Oh yay! New icon…I’m a sucker for icons. :)

  91. everyone luvs medals :)

  92. I’m guessing I won’t be getting the demo then :(

    *Starts waiting for June 5th*

  93. Dang, I guess I’m to late, Oh well… Congrats to all the contest winners though!

  94. ZOMG! Thanks sooooooo much….. /crys XD

  95. I need Bad Company

  96. Wow, very cool

  97. Just when I get out, they bring me back in. :) I got my orders for active duty once again. Where there’s a will, there’s a way I always say! Maybe I’ll run across some of you guys after all.

  98. I would really enjoy if i could test this out for all my buddy’s to see if its worth the buy.

  99. note to the people who keep asking for tokens…DEACON HAS ALREADY SELECTED THE 30 PEOPLE AND HAS NO MORE TOKENS!

    lol geez. congrats to all the winners.

  100. Holy nutzo!! I was leaning toward getting this game anyway but the demo put me over the edge. It’s a must have now.

  101. cool beans Dreaded. blowing everything up ftw! lol

  102. O man I would love to play this demo. Hook me up Deacon, Please!

  103. Sweet, thanks deac ;)

  104. come on man hook me up… i didnt get into beta, i preordered from the wrong company, and im havin a horribal day…….
    please send me that code well thanks if you even see this message

  105. Hey Deacon, why do I have the winning clover badge thingy if I didn’t win?

  106. If you guys didn’t get the token from Deacon, you can still Pre-Order the game thru GameStop and they’ll e-mail you a redeemable code.

  107. @twisted, he who doesn’t check his Xbox Live messages eh lol

  108. Please give me a code man, my friends are taking off without me, thanks.

  109. @deacon i didn’t get anything. did you send it to twistedd00m with zeros, not o’s?

  110. So are all the codes sent already?

  111. @XScubaStoobieX

    You’re a day late my friend. The giveaway was last night. If you want to play it THAT bad, pre-order the game (which I highly advise) and gamestop will give you a code to access the demo before June 5th.

  112. oh snap Twisted! :(

  113. Looks like “TwistedDOOM” will be getting a nice surprise from Deacon

    And Yes, I did check if there was actually a TwistedDoom. He’s out there somewhere…

  114. no worries Twisted. i contacted my friends at EA and they sent me another code for ya so here it comes my friend.

  115. 30 codes and not one for Jokar?!?

  116. ran out Jokar :(

  117. Way to take care of the community Deacon! :)
    With great power comes great responsibility!
    Behold! The power of DeaconBlade!

  118. Thanks a bunch Deacon! Thank the folks at EA please :)

  119. aw come on send me a beta code DB!

  120. Nice, have any kicking around still?
    Thanks either way.

  121. I would really like one! I just got my 360 back from the repair center and I don’t have any games at the moment.

  122. Time to get my game on

  123. Deacon,

    I have some codes that EA just gave me. Since you’ve been a great friend, I wanted to save them exclusively for the Unscripted360 gang. Have those who don’t have a code yet head over to my website and follow the very easy instructions. I will pick the winners randomly on Friday for those who follow the instructions.

  124. this game looks cool my friend has the demo and he says it cool

  125. hey bro I pre-Ordered it and I was supposed to get a code. Its been 3 days now no code can u please help me out. My gamer tag is fight club atl. Thanks so much!

  126. I preordered from Gamestop and tehy failed me so I really would like a code if you have any more

  127. I preordered this game been waiting for like 3 months for it to come out i cant even get my code bc Gamestop sucks so bad. Well hope its a great game to get me off CoD4. Nice site btw got to bookmark this

  128. looks awesome. I preordered but didn’t gert the code bc gamestop sucks

  129. looks preety cool. It would be great if you had some more

  130. count me in if you have more

  131. the well has run dry unfortunately. i had a few extras that i gave out earlier in the day. but that’s it.

    no worries though. the rest of us will only have to wait a few more days to be able to get the demo.

  132. Hi i’m Snip3r2 on xbox live. Send me a code if you have any more.

  133. DESERTFOX 911 is my gamerag please send me a code.

  134. hey token please

    gamertag: guitarman1400


  135. HEY

    My Xbox360 Name is Angel417

    I have been eagerly awaiting badcompany since i first heard about it and would Love to recieve a beta code to check it out

  136. please send me a code

  137. give me a code please

  138. I would love a code please send me one

  139. please send me a code my gamertag is RoboMozes on xbox 360 and I cannot wait to get this game

  140. would like to enter to win xbox 360 code. =]

  141. do you guys know how to READ! HE DOESN’T HAVE ANYMORE DAMN CODES TO GIVE!!!!!

    STOP POSTING. HE GAVE ALL CODES AWAY!!! it doesn’t take much to damn read that there are no more F’n codes!

  142. yeah it’s pretty embarassing they keep posting for codes. all it takes is a little effort to READ!



  143. yeah sorry guys. codes were given out a few days ago. I’M ALL OUT OF CODES. :(