Bourne Demo Impressions & Screenshots

It’s not often that I dig into a demo on Xbox Live but hey, it’s my party and I can dig if I want to.  The demo for The Bourne Conspiracy was much more than I expected.  If you haven’t downloaded it, make sure that you do.  I thought it did great in capturing the intense action that I love about each of the three Bourne films.  I didn’t even care that it wasn’t Matt Damon’s likeness.  I felt like a serious agent who couldn’t be stopped.  And really, who doesn’t love the intro music?  It’s a perfect suspense track.

The hand-to-hand combat in the game was pulled off with multiple presses of the X and Y button.  The A button was used to block.  (I never quite mastered blocking)  I hope there are more combinations than those 2 buttons but even if there isn’t, it was cool I thought.  Pressing the B button was for performing a variety of sick beat downs that I never got tired of looking at.  Once you beat your guy up enough, the B button take-down option comes up.

The one thing I didn’t like was having to start over so many times.  It could’ve been my lack of experience but I’ll chalk it up to the difficulty because I kept getting my ass kicked for some reason.  The crazy thing is that I enjoyed every minute of it.  I didn’t care too much for the “press (whatever button) to escape” scenes either.  It seemed to just kill the action for me.  I’m ready to jump between buildings and evade sniper fire in one awesome flow but then I have to “hit A” all of a sudden.  Kill joy.

I didn’t get a chance to fire any weapons.  I’m not even sure if there are weapons in the demo but I can tell you that I’ll be all over The Bourne Conspiracy when it releases.  I had my doubts about this game but the demo has settled those doubts.  It made me feel like I was in an actual Bourne action film.  I am Jason Bourne and I am preparing to hunt you down!  The hunt & action begins June 3rd.  Be sure to hit up to find out more about The Bourne Conspiracy.

The Bourne Conspiracy

Screenshots: The Bourne Conspiracy

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  1. The way the punches connect is awesome and the B button thingys were awesome x2! After you beat the first level then you get to another level with guns, after that you get to drive a car. The hand to hand is the best though.

  2. ya know Iron Man is really kinda hard. it looks good, the flight is awesome but’s actually a bit too difficult lol

    i hope Bourne doesn’t flop. it has a chance to change the movie game perception i think.

  3. I played the Bourne demo and found it enjoyable but not, “Holy crap I have to buy this,” kind of enjoyable. The hand-to-hand combat is cool, but nothing more than button mashing. The use of guns was nothing amazing, but there did seem to be a need to take cover, which I always enjoy. The driving mechanics unfortunately are awful. The Bourne “sense” is just a fancy name for checking the map. Overall, I was underwhelmed. In fact, I can do all of the above and better in GTA IV.

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