Video: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit x2

Ready for another round of Super Saiyan fun?  If not, then at least you can have fun with the box art for the game.  It looks rather good.  I just might pick this one up.  I’m almost ashamed to admit that I had fun with the Wii version of Dragon Ball Z.  Atari is trying to bring the heat this year with Alone in the Dark and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

Packed with graphically enhanced playable characters, realistic battle stages and environments, players can take hold and experience Dragon Ball Z as never before.  Ok, it’s gameplay video time…check it out below!

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

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12 Responses to “ Video: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit x2 ”

  1. Color me impressed man, I grew up watching the series some. I think that’s as “close” to looking like the real deal as it gets.

  2. yep i’d have to agree with ya caleb.

  3. dont be ashamed deac, i had a lot of fun with the wii version too. at least, for a couple of days while playing with my friend.
    not going to buy it for myself though.

  4. well i’m glad it’s coming to 360 because after a while twirling the nunchuk etc, i got tired of it.

  5. I can’t wait for this game!

  6. Hmmm, I’m not to big on fighting games… although, MK vs DC sounds interesting.

  7. wow shifttab, thats like… the worst one.

  8. Looks awesome…just waiting for the game to be released :D

  9. @lawlhalla

    aw c’mon, how sweet would it be to put a fatality on superman?

  10. it would be really sweet but they’re not including “real” fatalities. some toned down ones.

  11. True… I guess I can lower my expectations to something as Scropion pulling out a rock of kryptonite as a fatality to destory Superman.

  12. [...] hopefully seen the videos here on U360 already for Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and now you can actually get your Vegeta and [...]

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