Assault Heroes 2 True Hero Games Giveaway

As if you all aren’t spoiled enough, U360 has teamed up with Sierra Online to bring even more goodies in celebrating the release of Assault Heroes 2 today.  You already know about the Lost in the City Giveaway that’s currently highlighting one of Sierra’s titles and now you have to prepare yourselves for more Sierra fun with the True Hero Games Giveaway.  You love Xbox Live Arcade redeem codes and here’s your chance at yet another one.

Assault Heroes 2

To become an elite, legendary Assault Hero is no easy task by a mere mortal man. The first four players who obtain all of the Achievements in Assault Heroes 2 will receive a free XBLA game code.  You can choose between Lost Cities, Switchball, Boogie Bunnies or Arkadian Warriors.  It’s like a buy one get one free.

How do we let you know?

Once you’ve completed all Achievements, just send me a message via Xbox Live or post a comment here.  All of you Achievement and Gamerscore freaks finally have some gold at the end of the rainbow.  This will go on obviously until the four have been selected.

Good luck all you Achievement freaks out there!  For more information about Assault Heroes 2, head on over to

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21 Responses to “ Assault Heroes 2 True Hero Games Giveaway ”

  1. LMAO @ “Good luck Achievement whores!”

  2. lol @ caleb, hey just motivating the masses ;)

  3. Buy the game and be one of the first four here on U360?

  4. yep. first four here.

  5. What if nobody gets all 200/200 until like late next year?? Will ya wait for us Deac? Will ya? ;)

  6. i will of course but i’m not sure if Sierra will lol

  7. Has anyone started on this yet? Any reviews of the game?

  8. I did pretty well in the 1st AH … I may give this a shot … but I have to wait to make sure the co-op works (anyone?) … I got burned by Sierra last time around :(

  9. Got 1 achievement so far. The rest are gonna take some time to acquire.

  10. Yup Irish is right! The 1st Assualt Heroes advertised co-op but it never worked.

    I have to wait to make sure the co-op works (anyone?) … I also got burned by Sierra last time around and @ 800 points too.

  11. well it better work this time lol

  12. Will let you know later tonight if it does. Just waiting on a friend to buy it so we can play.

  13. make sure u do Goon and thnx dood … the game rocked but having to wait 8 months for a patch to fix a major selling feature was inexcusable IMHO …

  14. I got my 200 last night (or early this morning, I can’t really remember). Quite harder than the first AH. Good luck to all those competing.

    GT = Johnny Sinister

  15. Awesome Johnny. Let me know which title you want. You’re the 2nd winner! 2 more to go :)

  16. Dont have enough time, and I really wanted Switchball.

  17. Alright then. Out of the four titles, I am going to have to go with Arkadian Warriors.

  18. @Irish, played with a friend the other night. Seems to work perfect now :) No complaints.

  19. I too have 200/200. GT=Todaysforgotten

  20. wow. you guys are fast

  21. gonna send out the codes to those who have named a game already. one note, Switchball isn’t available.

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