Assault Heroes 2 True Hero Games Giveaway

As if you all aren’t spoiled enough, U360 has teamed up with Sierra Online to bring even more goodies in celebrating the release of Assault Heroes 2 today.  You already know about the Lost in the City Giveaway that’s currently highlighting one of Sierra’s titles and now you have to prepare yourselves for more Sierra fun with the True Hero Games Giveaway.  You love Xbox Live Arcade redeem codes and here’s your chance at yet another one.

Assault Heroes 2

To become an elite, legendary Assault Hero is no easy task by a mere mortal man. The first four players who obtain all of the Achievements in Assault Heroes 2 will receive a free XBLA game code.  You can choose between Lost Cities, Switchball, Boogie Bunnies or Arkadian Warriors.  It’s like a buy one get one free.

How do we let you know?

Once you’ve completed all Achievements, just send me a message via Xbox Live or post a comment here.  All of you Achievement and Gamerscore freaks finally have some gold at the end of the rainbow.  This will go on obviously until the four have been selected.

Good luck all you Achievement freaks out there!  For more information about Assault Heroes 2, head on over to

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