Win a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV!

It’s going down tonight.  A special edition of U360 Live covering the release of Grand Theft Auto IV happens tonight at 9PM Central.  Someone is going to win a regular edition copy of GTA IV for the Xbox 360.  Who will it be?  Tune in to find out.

Grand Theft Auto IV

How do I thug it up for the win?

Just post a comment or send me a message via Xbox Live and then listen in to the show tonight as usual for your name.  Easy as jacking a car right?  Ok, it’s easier than jacking a car so good luck.  I’ll be in Liberty City this week to play with the winner and everyone else from U360!

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43 Responses to “ Win a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV! ”

  1. let’s see just how easy this is

  2. I plan to check out the show tonight, we’ll see if any gangsta rubs off on me.

  3. be one with your inner gangsta ;)

  4. Same here LOL

  5. We’ll see if I get lucky tonight. Liberty City might suck me in if I win!

  6. I’ll give you five dollars.

  7. i need a win limit on this place lol.

  8. You throw are names in a hat and pick or what?

  9. I can has copy of GTA IV?

    That is NOTHING like my post in the other GTA IV thread :P

  10. oooo neat-o!!

  11. I’ll be tuning in fo sho!

  12. yeah i think i’ll take all the names from the comments and throw them in a hat this time. sounds good. :)

  13. See, now this is a show time I could get behind! Right we there is nothing to do unlike during the day! I’ll make it there this time!

  14. Don’t put me down for this one Deacon. I just wanted to comment to say how fantastic this is of you for lovers of the game. :D

  15. what happens if i have to have dinner with my family tonight and i cant listen?

  16. okie dokie Baroness :) @snorkle..werd.

    @dave, dinner? who needs dinner?! lol

  17. Give it to Kin. You know it’s the right thing to do, Deac.

  18. lol hey you’re in the hat. :)

  19. awesome give away DB .. good luck to all ..I probably wont make it this time as my Penguins take prescedent over all things … DO NOT include me in the contest, as I picked up MY CE copy this morning .. looking forward to thuggin it up with you all real soon … :)

  20. throw my name in the hat.

  21. I’m in. I just hope I get done with a meeting I have to go to tonight in time to catch the show.

  22. I’m about to head home from work now, I better not get car jacked on the way now! :)

  23. this is great, hope i win this one.

  24. i’m going to collect names from the comments for the hat up until 8:30 :) after that, no more entries.

  25. I’m excited for GTA, but have to wait to buy it due to some kid-related bills. Sigh… I will call-into the show tonight, which will be my first.

    I’d like to get my virtual thug on and what better way than via a free copy, eh?

  26. so this gonna be a u360 night ?

  27. if enough people get it sure.

  28. Barely squeaking by with less than 15 minutes left. That was a close one!

  29. Good luck all ;)

  30. Awesome! Good luck everyone. I’ll be listening in.

  31. Looking for a one way ticket to Liberty City now!

  32. Gimme teh GTA IV pleaz

  33. add me for this

  34. Just got my copy about 3 hours ago.

  35. Congrats TXPalidan :)

  36. congrats TXPaladin..that was too cool were the winning joint lol

  37. Now smoke that joint fellas.

  38. i just got mine and missed the show cause i was into the game..dammit

  39. i demand a recount

  40. Clearly the best win by far. Looks like Liberty City, here I come. We’ll see if I have a little dark side to me or not I guess now.

  41. Congratulations!

  42. Damn, checked this out too late. Congrats to the winner though!

  43. checked this out too late……..You snooze you loose I guess.

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