Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition Show

The countdown is on for many people here in North America to the release of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV.  I can only imagine the hysteria that will go on tonight at various midnight release locations across the states.  I set up a special show tomorrow night just to get everyone’s initial feedback on the game.  I hope you all can pry yourselves away for a few minutes to share your GTA IV stories with the crowd.

Midnight release stories, first thoughts and impressions are all welcome on the GTA IV Special Edition Show.  There’s even a special treat for one lucky person who may not have had the chance to get their little hands on a copy. (wink)  Yes that means that someone will win a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 on the show!

Grand Theft Auto IV

show time – 7PM PST / 9PM CST / 10PM EST
# to call in to the show – (646) 478-5897
link to listen and chat -

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36 Responses to “ Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition Show ”

  1. I’ll be picking it up at midnight tonight and I’ve scheduled 4 days off from the office. Should be a good time. Will give the show a listen tomorrow. Good idea, Deac.

  2. Nice nothing like adding one more gang member for the U360 Set!

  3. Awesome. Will be there…if I can pry myself away from it long enough ;)

  4. Sweet man i will definitely be there, to bad i wont have any good midnight stories cause my bestbuy i reserved it at isnt doing a midnight release

  5. no midnight story? then a regular story is just fine ;)

  6. I’ll more an likely try to catch the show and see what people are saying about it. I will give it this, I saw some X-play footage and the physics do look great and I’m impressed with some of the things they’ve done in that respect.

  7. yeah that euphoria tech is pretty interesting.
    check it out:

  8. Just saw a clip in the strip club. Master Chief could have had some Cortana action and still made it rated M. They complained about Mass Effect?

  9. Sadly, I’ve got to work omorrow night so I won’t be able to listen to the live show. But I am looking forward to the game and I am REALLY looking forward to some online criminal activities with everyone.

  10. where are my medals ??? :(

  11. ?

  12. are you logged in reaper?

  13. I am in line now from my iPhone. There is about 30 people at this GS.

  14. I get my copy at 9:00 when I return home! It’s coming with UPS. :) If anyone misses the package, I will achieve Super Sayian 3…….

    If any one works at Gamestop I have a question, Why do they give you such a hard time to cancel a preorder? Do they get penalized? or do they just enjoy toying with my emotions? XD

  15. I can has copy of GTA IV? :)

  16. “I will achieve Super Sayian 3……”

    lol Well then I hope you get the game today. We don’t need an angry Super Saiyan running around destroying things :P

  17. @Sir… only 30 people in line? Did it ever grow from that number? Not a large turnout for Midnight. The H3 launch in my area looked like it had closer to 300.

  18. Maybe 5 more people showed up right at midnight. I was 4th in line and got there at about 11:45. Jacob (you might know him as Practorian in the U360 forums) was working a register and had it running smooth. Nobody around me had anymore of a crowd than that. within a 3-mile radius there was at least 12 different stores open including a different GS about 500 yards away (odd happening when EB merged). That store had exactly 11 people for Halo3. Looked to me like the people buying were 2/3 360 users with 1/3 PS3. There were a few fanboy debates taking place but nothing serious. The biggest fanboy (and idiot) was a 360 user…go figure. The PS3 guys all looked like stoners. Unlike at Halo3 my 36 year old ass was about the oldest one there.

  19. it has arrived :)

  20. Give me a 3-day or so clemency and I’ll do a first-look write up for you in the forums.

  21. what’s that? it’s too early in the morning for me to research what a 3-day clemency is.

  22. lol…a temporary un-ban. I’d confine myself to the GTA section and insist I be re-banned afterward.

  23. oh lmao…okay…clemency as in a pardon. got ya. *thumbs up*

  24. LOL…no a pardon is permanent. This is more like a furlough to be exact.

  25. LOL a furlough. i’m ruined.

  26. OMG…I somehow missed that!!


  27. @Sir and DB LOL, you two are funny. Don’t do it Deacon, don’t fall for it. You uncuff him and he’ll sprint away. He’ll run loose all over. I’ll have to stand watch and make sure the Halo Realms are safe… LOL. Think of the scandal and everyone will ask why you let Sir Harper loose. HAHAHA. Ah hell, its GTA IV, lets all the thugs run ramp it for the week!

  28. yeah ya know it’s thug week so i feel obliged LOL

  29. LOL…this is fitting on so many levels don’tcha think?

    Getting a “furlough” from Deacon…on thug week…I love it.

  30. But in seriousness if I’m not the foremost user authority on GTA in all of U360…I don’t know who is.

  31. hey do your thing dude. i want to know the “real” take on it..not some corporate, media spin. so give it to us straight.

  32. That’s what I do.

  33. [...] down tonight.  A special edition of U360 Live covering the release of Grand Theft Auto IV happens tonight at 9PM Central.  Someone is going to win.  Who will it be?  Tune in to find [...]

  34. I just got so I’m not entering….. /show off XD

    Good Luck to you all!

  35. I totaly posted my cooky statemennt in the wrong topic…. /fail lol

  36. Gratz TX

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