Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition

The time to get gangsta is almost here and I know quite a few of you have already pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto IV.  How many of you are getting the special edition?  It comes with the game, an art book, a soundtrack CD “featuring new material from top artists, only available on this release,” a Rockstar keychain for the safety deposit box keys, and a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag.

It retails for $89.99 so it’ll set you back a pretty penny but it seems to be worth it.  April 29th is less than a week away…hang tight all my thugs.

Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition

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17 Responses to “ Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition ”

  1. Getting mine Monday night at the Midnight Release here at Gamestop!

  2. Looks cool, but not for me. I think my next games are going to be Gears of War 2 and Fable 2.

  3. I need that lock box to protect my porn but if I had 40 bucks to spare I would have Dark Sector by now….. :(

  4. LMAO!! Protect it from who?

  5. I have no lock on my room door, so anyone could be in my room. Even when some of my cousins come over they cannot be trusted. XD

  6. the metal lockbox will be great to keep the stapler that keeps on getting stolen. anyway, i am getting it..

  7. I don’t need all the extras so I just reserved for the game only.
    Looking forward to getting online with those of yall who get it!!

  8. The extra’s are sweet, but not for me. But I don’t really get giddy over any Special Edition.

  9. Personally, I think the special edition is a waste of money, I rather just buy the normal version.

  10. i preordered the normal version, the only + of this package is the Soundtrack. but its not that big of a deal to spend 20-30 euro’s more on it.

  11. I love swag, so I’m getting the special edition. Will be at the Midnight launch at my local Gamestop.

  12. While that is certainly a nice “special edition”, it’s not “special” enough to get my money.

  13. While I love special editions, I simply can’t justify spending $90 for this one. I think that my $60 copy will do just fine.

  14. I’m springing for the Special Edition, fo sho. There are some games you just have to get the special edition for and when it comes with so much I can’t think twice about getting this.

    Bring on the lockbox!

  15. Yes, I’m getting the special edition. I cannot wait to play the game.

    Imagine walking down a parking lot while you’re wearing a dark hoodie with a duffel bag and a deposit box in your hands. If the cops see you, just for the effect, make a mad rush to your car.

  16. thats a dam good price. its better then paying a bagillion moneys for a little helmet you cant even wear…

  17. Im getting the special edition!!!

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