Xbox Ambassadors Needed for Legendary Play

Ok.  I need all my Xbox Ambassadors out there to gear up for a Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack celebration courtesy of my BFF TriXie over at Xbox.  If you’re planning to buy the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack next week and want to step up for this mission then just post your Gamertag.  This goes down on April 27th so you’ll have a bit of time to buy the map pack.


You’ll need to free up at least 10 slots on your friend’s list as well.  Again, any Xbox Ambassador who plans to buy the Legendary Map Pack and could spare some time on April 27th between 6 – 8PM PST, leave your Gamertag here or send a message to me on Xbox Live.

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42 Responses to “ Xbox Ambassadors Needed for Legendary Play ”

  1. I’d like to help out as an Ambassador and planned on getting this Map Pack, plus I have plenty of room, but do you have to be in the Ambassador program already or is she looking for more? I’m willing and able I think.

  2. Oh, if I were an Ambassador…

  3. Read it over again, doesn’t look like your looking for more ambassadors. Oh well, best of luck to you all, these new maps look great.

  4. well i’ll see if maybe TriXie can do some quick deputy Ambassador magic and get you two in. can’t believe you’re not already.

  5. Last I looked at least 2 in Texas are MIA from that list and one doesn’t appear to have been on Live in over a Year.

  6. I would but I don’t have 800 points to drop on that.

  7. Yeah I’m sure Trixie gets a huge amount of submissions … or she just hasn’t liked mine :P

  8. you’re not an Ambassador either Intangible?

  9. @DB, we’re the few, the proud, those that back up the Ambassadors on Live. ;)

  10. Off topic that picture you did with the Ambassadors logo and your name is nice show me how to make one someday LOL!!

  11. There are no female ambassadors in Italy, i dreamed to become the first Italian GamerchiX to become Ambassador but.. :( well, there are no girls ambassadors here yet :(

  12. @Rhyme, i made it a while ago for a few peeps when the program first started. me and my Photoshop Jedi skillz. anyone who wants one, just let me know.

  13. Yeah man whenever you get time dude that would be cool. Then I can be a cool kid like you :)

  14. Me DB… :) LOL Just let Trixie know your DMVPs are here for you and the support on Live.

  15. I want it too :P but before i wanna become a real ambassador :P

    Hey Paladin, we could make our private political campaign to candidate as the next two XBox Ambassadors :P

  16. DMVPs lol @ Paladin. but i’m talking to the lady in charge on some things :)

  17. @SionTor, as cool as that sounds, you open a campaign up on Live and who knows who will get elected then. LOL

  18. Uhn, but i was talking about OUR campaign to get elected, you and also me :D The campaign is for letting people know us :P Yay! We’ll winnnnnn!!!

  19. sounds neat- I plan on getting the maps. I’ll be on for sure (tho I too am not an ambassador :) But I would love to play with some of you all anyway :D

  20. If I buy the maps, I’d be happy to help and fulfill my duty as an ambassador… but man do I really suck at Halo…lol.. :(

  21. @SionTor, well all campaigns need a good campaign manager and none better than Deacon I’d say, if he can get us in, he’ll do what he can. Dangerdoll, your not a Ambassador? LOL, funny how we think everyone’s an Ambassador. :) We all help where we can still.

  22. well i’m gonna offer TriXie some marshmallows or a TriXilicious concoction she stirs up or do some force persuasion techniques. :)

  23. Use the DeaconPower,Man! :P

  24. Jedi mind-tricks, Deacon must use ;)

  25. lol i know , quirky huh?! hope to play with y’all soon anyway :)

  26. mmh Pick dem You Will… hahaha

  27. I would love to help out. I’m with TXPaladin, I WANT IN!! :) Help us out, Deac!

  28. Man, I haven’t hardly played halo 3 multiplayer at all, at least since it game out, went crazy during the beta. I’m not an ambassador though, so I guess that doesn’t matter either, heh.

  29. I would help, but alas not an ambassador yet.
    Also, my friends list is pretty full.

  30. how would i go about trying to become an ambassador? i feel like no1 on the xbox forums even recognizes all the work i do. i have been a CUL of 4 for over a year i think

  31. @No Hands…

    being an Ambassador isn’t about being recognized…it’s about helping new people to live with any questions they may have, so they don’t feel intimidated.

    Also, CUL has no relation to whether someone is an Ambassador or not. There are plenty of CUL 1s, 2s, and 3s who make great Ambassadors.

    The purpose is to help more-so on Live than the forums, but in a way they go hand-in-hand.

    I’ve been a CUL 6 for quite some time, but as you move up the chain, it takes longer to go up. Just keep posting positively and I’m sure you’ll see it go up in no time…just don’t really think about it to much ;)

  32. I would be happy to be an ambassador for the Legendary Maps.

    GT: LeaveMeAlone117

  33. It sounds like a ton of fun.

  34. I’m no Ambassador I’m Col Hartman beeayahhhhh, ambasador to Mexico!

    Have fun ambassadors, I’ll be sipping on some sssysssurrrp.

  35. Besides I am a founding member of so take that sukorz.

  36. ambassador to mexico ftw! lol

  37. Amabassador to MeXico360 rocking! :)

  38. Been Ambassador for awhile now, I would love to help out!!! =)

    GamerTag: ShiftTab

  39. sorry, I don’t have the money to buy the maps.

  40. LOL

  41. Deacon, when are we getting more info on this or is it just pretty straight forward? Just go on live on the 27th from 6-8pm?

  42. @Shift, trixie’s selected the Ambassadors already.

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