More Prototype Screenshots

Sierra Entertainment dropped another Prototype goodie bag filled with a few new screenshots of Alex Mercer being the bad ass that we all wish we could be.  Be sure to hit up the developer diary to hear how pumped up the team is on working on it.  They got me pretty excited just talking about it.


Screenshots: Prototype (March)

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10 Responses to “ More Prototype Screenshots ”

  1. You may wish to be, but I am a true badass! ;)

  2. That’s something you haven’t done on the live shows is awhile. Developer Call in! SCreenshots look good, will need to check the dev diary for sure.

  3. Saw this in a magazine recently. The screenshots look good, I hope the controls are just as good.

  4. The game keeps looking good – but this is one i really hope there’s a demo of… i hope for more details of the gameplay.


  5. it does look good and it’ll have to play even better with the co-op and MP now gone.

  6. i cant wait to play this game

  7. I just read that co op has been canned. :(

  8. @USB, see above comments lol

  9. Doh lol. DB knows all O_O

  10. Yummy!

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