6 Myths of Being an Xbox MVP

Whenever I do one of my “best of” or “top lists” features here on U360, the feedback is always great.  My latest article about Xbox.com’s Super MVP feature led to some interesting emails with questions about the program.  I figured I would become Deacon, the Mythbuster, for a minute to bust up all the crazy things that some of you thought were true.

Super MVP

XMVPs are paid by Microsoft to spread Xbox love across the interwebs

Although I could use more money with the pay increase, the truth is that this is a myth.  We’re not employees of Microsoft so we don’t get to collect a check.  There are former XMVPs that have ended up gaining employment within Microsoft but that’s a different animal.  Being selected doesn’t bring any bacon home although as I said, I sure could use the pay increase.

So it’s not true but dammit I wish it were!

XMVPs can’t say anything bad about Microsoft products

This of course is another myth that some of you thought was true about Xbox MVPs.  In fact, I’m going to prove that myth wrong right now.  DRM sucks on the Xbox 360!  See, it’s not true.  I totally bashed the whole DRM thing just now.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are no off-limit subjects.  Many of the things that play a part in selection revolve around having a strong, unbiased opinion within the community.  The type of opinions are up to each MVP individually to convey, be those of the light side of the force or the dark side.  It’s a choice made by each.

However, I would highly suggest that you don’t go on a pretty stupid and totally baseless smear campaign. 

XMVPs are just stupid little nerds still living with their parents

How do you make the list of Top 10 Cute Boys in Gaming Journalism by being a nerd trapped at your parent’s house?  There’s also an 18-year old age requirement in play that would limit the amount of XMVPs stuck at home.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s just not something that’s the norm.  If you haven’t guessed, this is also a myth.

In fact, there are a large number of Xbox MVPs and MVPs in general that are lawyers, own their own business and are all around studs in life.  Being a nerd isn’t a bad thing mind you but my point is that it’s an eclectic bunch.

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They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on Amazon.com. I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

37 Responses to “ 6 Myths of Being an Xbox MVP ”

  1. LMAO people just randomly make up some great stuff huh….LOL

  2. LOL the day they kick you out of the program they can shut it down as well, my friend :mrgreen:

    How come they didn’t pick me yet with all my awesomness though? My Xbox update sucks! See, I can say bad things about MS too..

  3. they should pick you. tell Trigger to make it happen!

  4. I remember trying to get recognized as a Microsoft MVP for my OLD website, NuAngel.net (now being squatted) – how does one go through a nomination for Xbox MVP? :) I wanna be official, I wanna be official!

  5. Ahah no way but thanks :) And interesting reading of course!

  6. Very interesting… you would think some perks would land on your doorsteps from HQ something worthy of the Elite status that fits the title MVP. Interesting to know they reselect over each year. Is that the same with Ambassadors or your in for good. Actually I’ve noticed a few Texas Amabassadors that appear to be MIA for some reason. Oh well I love Live and the community so I’m cool helping where I can and you know you’ll always be an MVP to us Deacon!

  7. deacon for president.

  8. Deacon, you forgot to include on the list that all MVPs have a Zune signed by Bill Gates, wear Recon armor on Halo 3 contests and have already played GTA4 and Fable2!

  9. I hate to think what paperwork you had do to to get authorization to say DRM sucks on the Xbox 360, I kid! :P

  10. @Tyrone, yeah i left that out on purpose because it’s true. LOL Fable 2 is great so far! haha

  11. MADNESS? this is SPARTAAA.

    thanks for the good read again deacon.

  12. Deacon, you didn’t tell me you already played Fable2, now I’m jealous for sure. You know we are all your MVPs right? Deacons Most Valuable Peeps! That’s right… I’m a DMVP!

  13. lmao @ DMVP…nice! and yeah i’m playing Fable 2 right now. dogs are hawt! lovin’ this early access. :P

  14. You all know that the DMVP’s get the left over spoils from Deacon too. LOL you teach that dog to sit yet?

  15. Always wondered how MVPs become MVPs. Thanks for the read, DB. :)

    Speaking of DRM, checkout the following URL (though I think this solution has been made to the U360 community already, but just throwing it out there): http://consumerist.com/372215/update-microsoft-may-slowly-be-fixing-their-broken-xbox-drm

    @Rob, as long as you adhere to MS’ TOS (and TriXie keeps the program going), you’ll keep your “Xbox Ambassador-ship.” And you got me…but, currently, I’m not w/ my 360. :(


  16. @Soufizzy, Happy Birthday to you as well. That’s right all, its his special B-day too. So give it up for Soufizzy now!!! Your not one of the Missing in Texas, your still around in my book. When does your box come back by the way?

  17. happy birthday all around! you’re my boy blue!

  18. @Rob, it’s been back. But I can’t play w/ it and my still sealed copy of Lost Odyssey. Burnout Paradise awaits too. Also, I need to renew my Live subscription ASAP (Yes, my still unused, 12-month subscription card of Live service needs me as well)! Aye… :(

  19. Thx for clearing up!

  20. thats pretty sweet. i would love to be an MVP. especially if #1 was true ;)

  21. Wow, I did think that XMVP’s actually worked for MS. The reason I thought this was the way you are able to get awesome swag from Trixie and others at MS to give to us as prizes.

    And, I agree that at the least you should get a free 12 month Gold subscription to LIVE for the year you are an MVP. That way, there wouldn’t be a time when you run into financial issues and can’t afford to renew your LIVE Gold status.

    Now that you have dispelled some of the myths about being a XMVP, what are some of the perks?

  22. Deacon seems to do a lot more than a lot of the MVPs, so he better keep it for another year. For one thing, I don’t see many MVPs handing out games and stuff like Deacon does, or keeping a consistently updated site and show. There are a lot of people out there who get a lot of free stuff, and don’t give out any of it, due to their affiliation with Microsoft. Deacon gives out more stuff than Major Nelson even does, and Major gets all his stuff completely free with free shipping!

  23. Oops, I forgot to login. :)

  24. Deac wrote:
    Being selected doesn’t bring any bacon home to daddy.

    Well, I got your bacon…Daddy ;)

    i couldn’t resist- lol, but that is really cool info to know and i heard many a rumor/myth that is now dispelled.

  25. lol @ Danger! sorry about our show tonight sweetie! @Cleric, i get it all just to give to you guys and girls…it’s the least i can do for all the support, help and constantly putting up with me :)

  26. @jugga, perks? plenty really…moreso on a personal level though than anything else.

  27. There goes that Top 10 Cute Boys in Gaming Journalism again. I tell you I was robbed. Not only is Deacon an MVP, he’s a master at rubbing it in. I see how it is. You to TriXie. I’ll probably never be an MVP, but my words at The Xbox Domain are MVP enough for me. Deacon deserves every letter of that MVP. If that second myth were true then I know for sure I’m already doomed.

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  29. lol @ Will…the Xbox Domain has a lot of flava because of you my friend ;)

  30. Yer but it is still cool to be an MVP though

  31. @ Deaconblade: Really? And I thought I was writing into a vacuum.

  32. well you are writing in a vacuum but it’s a cool vacuum lol

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  34. Lol Deac, I love your writing style. It makes me laugh every time. I’m not kissing ass here. I think you should get free stuff too, but then I think I should get free stuff so that isn’t saying much.

  35. thx Dreaded! i appreciate that amigo..and yeah we should all get free stuff :)

  36. [...] But seriously, it’s an honor to represent the community in this way.  Being an Xbox MVP isn’t what most people think it is.  It’s an award and title that I’m proud to carry and one that I carry with a great [...]

  37. I have not heard of this Microsoft MVP thing.

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