Play of the Week – Assault Heroes

Yep, that’s right.  When this game first launched in December 2006, I wanted very much to download the full version.  It was really a lot of fun but I didn’t get around to buying that full 800 points version.  Starting tomorrow, it’ll be a more manageable price at just 400 Microsoft Points!  It’s debuting as an Xbox Live Arcade Hits tomorrow along with DOOM.  Both will be priced at a reduced 400 Microsoft Points.

Assault Heroes 2

If you haven’t tried the demo, then download this puppy and give it a spin.  You should do that soon especially considering the announcement of Assault Heroes 2.

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12 Responses to “ Play of the Week – Assault Heroes ”

  1. I’ll need to check those out and Small Arms is down to 400pts too and it looks cool to me. Not what I expected from an Arcade title. :)

  2. i bought doom cause i felt it was worth the 800. now ill have a look into this

  3. Haven’t been too many Arcade titles lately that I’ve liked so I’ll check out the demo.

    With the exception of the upcoming Street Fighter game coming out how come there aren’t more arcade titles like that? Most XBOX Arcade titles lately look to be from independant companies and not from back in the day arcade classics? Just a thought.

  4. my friend and i are going to get this one for sure.
    co-op for the win !

  5. Man, I bought Assault Heroes waaaaay back last year. Fun coop game.

  6. I wish Streets of Rage, Contra, Sonic 1 and 2 would drop to 200 points.

    btw: I’m watching the Lakers beat up on Dallas. Looks like Tony Romo brought Jessica and her bad luck to the MAVs.

  7. Kobe scored 29 points and Radmanovic scored 10 of his 21 in the 4th , giving the Lakers the win over Dallas, 102-100.

    Sorry Deacon but it was nice to see Romo bringing Jessica along to spoil the Mavs game.


  9. I hate the Lakers…seriously.

    ::shoves monitor off desk::

  10. I really enjoyed Assault Heroes when it came out. I’ll have to play it again.

  11. I watch the preview of “Assault…” in
    yesterday and it seems damn incredible. Old school game, with a very good gameplay.

  12. Laker haters make me smile :)

    Viva el Kobe!

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