AT&T Delivers Gold, Games & More

Need some DSL service?  Is AT&T in your area and you’ve been waiting for a reason to sign up for internet service to get connected to Xbox Live?  Well, that reason comes in the form of an Xbox Live Vision Gold Pack (includes the Vision Cam, headset & 12-month Gold subscription), games and more in a new promotion going on at AT&T. 

Click here for details on how to receive the goodies.

AT&T Xbox 360

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7 Responses to “ AT&T Delivers Gold, Games & More ”

  1. US only again….

  2. After looking for a reason to dump my high cable bill this seems like a good one. I wonder if you have to use the 12-month card right then and there.

  3. nope…you can use the 12-month card whenever.

  4. Cool Thanks! BTW Cool site always checking you guys out…always have good info here.

  5. i appreciate that Jay ;)

  6. pretty nice deal … looks like it’s not available in PA though…

  7. YEAH would have been nice from AT&T, but


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