Month: February 2008

Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm

It may not be a genre that’s widespread but all I can say is “Bring My Diving Gear Now”.  The ocean looks so glorious and it’s all “actual gameplay”.  I can just imagine the intensity of being on a crab boat in the middle of a roaring ocean.  Let’s just say I’m glad there’s a game coming to where I don’t really have to live it.

It looks like one of those niche games that might just surprise a lot of people.  It’s no underwater diving sim but it’s close.  And who won’t enjoy battling through oceans like this across Xbox Live?  Feel the ocean, be the ocean. (feel free to email me for use of this cool phrase)

Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm

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Showcase – Thumpthis

Who’s that thumpin’ in your window?  Don’t run.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  Get to know one of DDB’s finest.


What’s the story behind your Gamertag?

Well a strange story indeed, it came from a mistake on MS part my original GT: Thumpdaddy. It got corrupted on MS servers so I had to make a new Gamertag.  I was upset because I lost everything and the GT I wanted to use was F!!kThis so I settled for Thumpthis.

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Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshots

It wasn’t too long ago that Ninja Gaiden 2 was announced and we were all ready for some brutal fun.  Since then the media campaign has been ramped up and we’ve seen quite a bit of the game.  The Games Developers Conference (GDC) brought more gameplay madness and some new screenshots.  Ninja Gaiden is one of my all-time favorite Xbox games so I’m excited about the true sequel to it.  Ready to slice and dice?

Built from the ground up from Team NINJA’s in-house gaming engine for the next-generation Xbox 360 platform, “Ninja Gaiden II” represents the best in amazing visuals, responsive control and thrilling combat with an extensive assortment of ninja weaponry.

Ninja Gaiden 2

Screenshots: Ninja Gaiden 2

Showcase – The RhymeScheme

It’s not prime time.  It’s rhyme time!  Gear up and get ready to look into the life of one of the 334 boyz!

Ladies and gentlemen get your popcorn ready.

The RhymeScheme

Can you tell us what Rhyme’s life is like outside of gaming?

My life outside of gaming consists of my wife and kids. We try to go out and do things together as much as possible. At one point in my life I treated gaming as if there were no life outside of it and that’s not good for you or your family. I was a Lieutenant with our Fire Dept. here for 3 yrs and stepped down last year.

But other than that I just hang out with the family and enjoy life. Oh, I’m also a concert junkie.

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Episode #62 Community GDC Recap

We had a great time with the show this past Saturday talking about all the news out of the Games Developers Conference and weighing in on the HD DVD news and console positions.  Enjoy the show!

Episode #62

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HD DVD Player Now $49.99

Ignore the fact that there are people and websites around saying that there’s no point in owning an HD DVD player.  I’m here to tell you that there is a point and with a $50 price, it’s beyond a steal especially when you consider the 5 free HD DVD movies offer still applies.  You can find the price at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and other retail chains.  Naturally, going forward there won’t be much, if any at all, production on the format but that doesn’t change the fact that there are still several movies in high defintion worth owning.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player

I don’t think that Toshiba or Microsoft or any HD DVD supporter somehow magically stopped all existing movies or players from working.  Call it what you will but I just purchased my mother one.  There are quite a few movies in high definition that she can now enjoy for a ridiculously low price.  We’ll cross that future HD movie barrier when we get to it.  For now, I plan to enjoy this price and investigate the catalog of movies-to-own soon.