Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack; free Heroic Map Pack

In case you hadn’t seen and because Spring is fast approaching, Bungie has details on the first map, Ghost Town, in their Legendary Map Pack due soon.  Fans of Halo 3 are probably itching to get this new map pack after spending tons of hours on the previous Heroic Map Pack.  Remember, those of you who haven’t downloaded the Heroic Map Pack will be able to do so for free this Spring as well.

Halo 3

Q: What’s the fictional premise behind Ghost Town?

Vic: Ghost Town is the fragmented ruins of a small 24th century water purification complex that geographically lies just North and West of the jungle foothills hydroelectric facility from the Sierra 117 mission. The well-protected facility built into a shallow ravine was once home to the Global Water Campaign, where the still somewhat-pure Kilimanjaro meltwater was transported via pipelines from the river and directed to this small outpost where it became further purified, and then transported via GWC trans-African pipelines along the Tsavo Highway for distribution throughout the entire continent.

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25 Responses to “ Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack; free Heroic Map Pack ”

  1. I think I’ll end up buying Legendary and picking up the Heroic free when Legendary hits. I’m just thinking they’ll go free at the same time Legendar releases. :)

  2. Interesting. I just wish that Halo 3 online wasn’t boring. I was disappointed in Halo 3 overall. I might just pick up the map pack when it becomes free, just because I pretty much download anything that’s free off of the Marketplace.

  3. Umm… yay freebies! ;)

  4. my waiting has prevailed ! :D

  5. I have to say, I like their business model of releasing and then making free and at least letting people know about it. I passed on buying Heroic for now and I’ll more an likely cough up the points on Legendary. I’m cool with spliting the difference and I’ll be cool when they decide to make Legendary free down the road, if they decide to do that.

  6. Haven’t played halo3 in ages! Might hop back just to try out the Heroic maps once they’re free. Sorry, but 3 maps are NOT worth $10.

  7. sweet i love new maps forge it up!!!

  8. i do like the look of ghost town :)

  9. Ghost town looks really cool, need to learn more and see if its a buy at release or if I’ll wait at a chance for free. I’m real tempted at a Buy at release though, it looks cool and fun to me.

  10. Heoric – meh……….all this DLC is eating up space on my HDD. I need a 120 GB HD but at $180 MS is ripping everyone off. I wish I could add an external HD from best buy – 750 GB HDD for only $80.

  11. i’m down to 5 gigs and i never thought i’d go below double digits.:(

  12. well can you send out HALO WARS erly like next month and when does halo3 legendary maP pack come out. And when will you make HALO 4 RITE WERE THE MASTER CHIEF says TO CORTANA WAKE ME WHEN YOU NEED ME

  13. hello halo players i dont play halo but im telling you the heroic map pack is free march 21st and i might start playing halo when its free we dont really get anything free

  14. Maps look good, but I’ll never pay them for extra maps. Any map pack coming free is welcomed, but the default maps are excellent enough.

  15. are they making a halo 4???

  16. and when will the legendary maps be available???

  17. they’re not making a Halo 4. and the Legendary Map Pack is due this month sometime.

  18. alright last question, when the heroic maps are available, are people just going to be forced into downloading them to be used in ranked matches? or will it still have its own special playlist?

  19. nothing will change except that they’ll be free.

  20. my friends are either retarded or they know too much, because they started spreading rumors that in the new map pack that there will be a very large map that will sport other vechals similar to the elephant. Someone else even went as far as to say that there will be things like flyable pelicans and drivable scarabs who knows I really hope these are true but i highly dought it.

  21. well Bungie already detailed what was in it lol and none of those things were.

  22. well about that comment for a halo 4— all those bungie interviews on the xbox live marketplace i saw said that halo 3 finished it all… but what ive heard about it was that they will make a halo 3 but not in this generation of game consoles.

  23. yeah i heard that they will make a halo 4 but for a new xbox type system…..

  24. [...] that one time when I told you the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack would be releasing soon?  The “soon” in that is April 15 so get your plasma grenades [...]

  25. trouble download heroic map pack the stop in 97 and said cantload this itewm

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