360 Laws Picture Pack #2

Head out now to the Xbox Live Marketplace for the latest picture pack from U360 and its 360 Laws!  This new picture pack includes 10 Gamerpics that cover several of your favorite 360 Laws.  I sense a few classic ones in the set.  They’re exciting new Gamerpics for you to choose from so don’t wait. 

New Arrivals > Themes and Gamer Pictures > disruptivepublishers.com

It’s been really great offering content on the Marketplace for the community and even better that it’s been so well-received by the community.  It’s time to get your download on.  I got dibs on the N00B one, U360 controller logo, and the TGR #17 to represent for the gamer girls out there.  What am I saying?  I’m going to rock them all!

It’s available in all regions so Canada, UK, Netherlands…everyone enjoy!

Picture Pack #2

360 Laws Picture Pack #2: 100 Microsoft Points

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They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on Amazon.com. I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

64 Responses to “ 360 Laws Picture Pack #2 ”

  1. I like them, will DRM effect picture packs? j/k…..great job!

  2. lol @ Hartman….thx my friend.

  3. Downloading before I head to work!!!! :)

    Well, I would… but I’m not connecting to live?? Weird.


  4. ACK! Downloading after I get off work…

  5. Already have swipe & snipe

  6. Loving the picture pack Deac! Downloaded them and I got the noob one for now :)

  7. Loaded up the black controler this morning. Now where is our U360 theme to match our pic packs?

  8. Nice!

  9. @hazy, still working on the theme and what’ll be the most effective type of theme that everyone can enjoy ;)

  10. Good call Deac. Do you have any good U360 wallpapers we could possibly download and use on the dashboard? Maybe we could get some members together and have a place for user created wallpapers.

  11. that’s an awesome idea on the user created front. i’m all for it. and i had some old U360 wallpaper type stuff but for a theme, i want to ramp up the design/appeal. so i’ll be making something new…ofcourse community input is the key so be sure to make your voice known ;)

  12. man i only have 10 MS points i wont be able to get his for a while im saving up for another car unless someone wants to hook me up with a code of some MS points ;)

  13. sweet. I’ll download these tonight.

  14. @charmed, if you make it out to the Unscripted Nights tonight then you’ll be a medal unlocking maniac…;)

  15. Picked up the Laws 2 pack at exactly 4am today :D

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  17. Awesome, I’ll be downloading them later. Here’s the usual 3 thumbs up for U360!

  18. ZaaM has 3 thumbs…i knew you were strange! lol

  19. The gamerpics look great, Deac! I’ll be downloading mine as soon as I get my 360 back. Looking forward to more!

  20. My bad, this deserves my fourth thumb too. Here. :mrgreen:

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  22. Great pics!

    Using one already!

  23. Sweet pics Deac im already using the pwned one.

  24. So much to buy, the new pics, Chessmaster Live, DLC for Rockband, and perhaps more…

  25. Good stuff Deac. I just picked up pack 1 and am rocking one of pics right now.

    Interestingly enough the company that distributes your content is located about 20 minutes from my house. In fact, I drive by there quite often. Keep up the good work!!!

  26. Great stuff, Deac. Always great to see another community-based pac hit the marketplace.

  27. reminds me to finally unlock that new medal for ya Jokar ;)

  28. I’ll be picking these up next time I get online for sure…

  29. Thanks for teh medalz! I’ve been wonderin’ how to get that one for awhile lol

  30. Great job Deac! Myself & the crew @ Gamer Girls Radio are soooooo proud of you & U360. *High 5*

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  32. I’ll pick these up as soon as I can.

  33. Congrats Deacon, great job on getting another picture pack. Its awesome to see some of the hard workers get that recognition.




  35. @Deacon one hour and 21 minutes to go until gamernight, I’m about to fall asleep…

  36. Drink some Gamefuel Charmed :D

  37. gamefuel ftw! lol….@everyone, i appreciate the love ;)

  38. ya great gamerpics deac, but i put dibs on the noob doesn’t everyone know that? :P

  39. medals unlocked Charmed ;)

  40. Yay! Thanks Deac. Hmmm.. which medal shall I unlock next?!? :)

  41. will DL soon…the pack looks great, Deacon! :)

  42. Should have the new pack today!!!

  43. Just got the pack and I’m lovin it!

  44. Forgot to sign in, now you can all see my sweet avatar!

  45. awesome Scene!

  46. downloaded deac. take it to the bank my dude.

  47. Love the Wipe @ Snipe! That shows for friends and U360 for the others.

  48. I’ve answered questions for lots of people (TGR 17, 50, don’t touch knees…) – but does “no means no” correspond to any of the laws?


  49. cool Nu for helping out people with questions…and ‘no means no’ corresponds to #34 :)

  50. Now to add some Microsoft Points. Having a Zune Tag tied with my Gamertag is a mistake, I spend way to much money sometimes….

  51. lol, can’t wait to see what’s in store for pack 3…:)

  52. it should be good :)

  53. awesome choice Dumpy!

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  57. I am kind of a newbie to picture packs – how do you view the picture pack on the Xbox 360 AFTER it is downloaded?

  58. thank u men

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  61. Are these still available?

  62. they’re supposed to be BUT i coudldn’t tell you where.

  63. Is there any way that I can still get these? If not I’ll be pretty pissed because these are sick.

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