Play of the Week – Burnout Paradise

Judging from the sexy box art, I knew Burnout Paradise had the potential to kick serious amounts of hindparts.  So it’s no surprise that it’s filling up gamer central with tons of fun already.  That’s exactly why it secures a spot as the Play of the Week for U360 drivers out there.

I’ve yet to make my way onto the tracks to cause massive chaos but that shouldn’t stop any of you from dishing out any adrenaline-filled punishment Burnout style.

Burnout Paradise

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13 Responses to “ Play of the Week – Burnout Paradise ”

  1. meh. i’ll join you when midnight club LA rears its head most definitely.

  2. somehow i already figured this one out, haha. To bad i’m low on cash. i wont be getting this one probably. KUF and DMC are priority’s.

  3. and yes the boxart that we have here, totally rocks.

  4. i like racing games but i have never been a burn out fan but im willing to give it a try. ill probly download that demo sometime this week

  5. I plan to at least check out the demo… funds are low and I have to watch. Just got Rockband last week, so might be awhile before I pick up a new title. Hmmm, when do those Tax refunds hit, could use an HD tv and some games perhaps…

  6. I’ve been playing this, but so far I prefer “Burnout Revenge”. I actually think the ‘open world’ hurt the game. While speeding through the city (especially during a race), it is hard to look at your map let alone find the best route to your destination during a race. There are no ‘restarts’ or warps, so if you want to do an event again, you have to drive down there and find the intersection. …and the lost of “Crash Mode”!

  7. This game might just be a rent for me…

  8. not a racing fan but this looks fun im def gunna have to try

  9. me either No Hands..and I had a blast with this game all last weekend…definitely give it a rent if you’re even somewhat interested…(I dont think the demo does the title justice)…

  10. Had great playing this game with some of the Gamertag Radio crew the other night.

    I would recommend that everyone should try out the demo and buy the game if your happy :)

  11. me want burnout *tries to snatch game out of thin air*

  12. If your into coop games (1-8 players coop,350 missions) then definitely check out Burnout. I love the open city environment, exploring it and finding all the secrets with friends is a blast. Kinda reminds me of Crackdown somewhat…

    And lets not forget about the whole Crash Camera thing where if you take out a friend ( or foe), you get a snapshot of the expression on their face. Provided they have a vision cam of course. Overall its great fun with a group. Highly recommend it.

  13. Judging from the sexy box art, I knew Burnout Paradise had the potential to kick serious amounts of hindparts.

    Hindparts? Nice one, Deacon. I couldn’t have skated around that one better myself.

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